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The Eagle....and God ..... and Me.

Today on my way home from church, there were 2 Wedge Tail Eagles catching the thermals above our car...
It is always special to me, and I have written about it before.... But this is important in my started for me some 24 years ago in our first appointment in Tasmania and it has never stopped.
Whenever God wants to get my attention, remind me of His close presence... or reassure me that He is about to do something around me.... there is always an eagle close by. (I will get to that in a minute)
I have kind of gone off blogging  a bit, as Facebook allows you to write long posts that satisfy my desire to share my thoughts online...  we are all allowed to do that.... we are all permitted to have our own opinions on matters in this world.... and I guess from time to time some of our opinions upset those around us. 
That is not my intent.
My intent has always been to try and get my readers to ponder the truth of Jesus Christ for their own lives... I was gob samcked the other day…

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