God chatter... Mission without the message ?

I have had some wonderful conversations with some amazing Godly people this week in the line of my work as an Area Officer, this part of my life is just awesome. Can I say, I love this part of my job,  iron sharpening iron really... thanks friends for those who have spoken deeply into my life this past few days... amazing.
It sure has been an interesting week in so many ways...  God has been speaking to me, and I have heard Him, I think.   
I read this post on FB today, and it is prompting me hugely... as I consider all going on in my life and around me and also in TSA these days.
It's a quote from a preacher way back in 1949,  a preacher in the Hebridean revival, a guy by the name of Duncan Campbell, no idea who he is... but something about his statement resonates within me deeply right now. He says...... 
"We have been out -maneuvered by the strategy of hell, because we have tried to meet the enemy on human levels by human strategy. We have succeeded in making people churc…

tHiS CrAzY WoRLd - some thoughts about now.

At some point in the next little while I may very well preach this note:
Please be ready for that if you should read this... and get to hear me preach.

I have been to many churches in my life, some great and some not so great... and I guess I decided to work out in my head, what is it that makes a church great or not quite so great.
That is not the topic of this blog... 
The topic of this blog and my thoughts is more around the crazy world in which we live, and why things are like they are, and how Christians are responding to the mess around us, and sometimes within us. 

Now getting back to the churches... I have visited, Saddleback, Willowcreek, Hillsong, Crossway,Enjoy, Bayside,Edge, Southside, Rhema, Salvo churches too many to number, but in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, USA, and of course Australia.... and there is one thing that every single church I have been in, has in common... and that is that they all preach Jesus. 

They all worship Jesus. 
They all serve Jesus. 
and they al…

Worship: is it about Him, or about us. ???

A brief Blog entry today :

I am facing some interesting challenges these days, some of it is not my own doing, some of it is, I guess, and some of it, is because of my current position in ministry.

Nevertheless, the challenges come and go, for us all. Regardless of what choices we have personally made along the way, we will all have our challenges from time to time.

Presently I have a few challenges. Health. Ministry. Life.

On my FB page I have posted a song, its one of the latest Hillsong, songs, “ Who You Say I am
And its a great song that has been speaking into my heart and mind.

It occurred to me this morning as I prayed, that whilst worship isnt about me, and is about the Lord, in many of our churches worship has become more about us than Him.
But in line with that, for me, as I considered that again today, I recognized afresh that when we worship Him, we ourselves are helped and lifted.

One of the lines in that song, says this...” In my Fathers house, there’s a place for me, I …

My Thoughts on The Salvation Army in Australia right now

These are very interesting days in The Salvation Army in Australia. 
Some, I have heard, are struggling with the changes, and whilst I get that, because change isn't at all easy for any of us at times, it nevertheless is critical to our ongoing viability as a movement of God.
As soon as I start writing my thoughts and feelings here, one way or the other, I know that it will alienate a group of people, and that isn't my intent.  So if that is you, I apologise, but would you please just read on and try and see what I am getting at.

I have been a Salvo all my life, I was born into it...I am currently 57 years of age, so that means I have been a Salvo for 57 years.  When I was around 15 years I became a Soldier to go into uniform and play in the band at Perth Fortress. A lot of us did that, and it was a ritual for some of us, a means to an end.  A way of conformity if you like.  As my life went through my teen years, I was involved in the same way as many others, not particularly…

A Balm in Gilead.

There is a balm in Gilead,To make the wounded whole;There is a balm in Gilead,To heal the sin-sick soul.Some times I feel discouraged,And think my work’s in vain,But then the Holy SpiritRevives my hope again.(Chorus) If you can’t preach like Peter,If you can’t pray like Paul,Just tell the love of Jesus,And say He died for all.(Chorus) Don't ever feel discouraged,'Cause Jesus is your friend,And if you lack for knowledge,He'll never fail to lend.
This morning in my quiet time I was reading Joshua 13, and Gilead was mentioned, and straight away I was drawn back many years of my when I was young and playing in the Perth Fortress Band...and the arrangement was put on the stand of this beautiful old hymn.  I am ever so grateful for my heritage and history at Perth Fortress, for the people there that shaped my life and introduced me to Jesus.
Sometimes I do feel discouraged, and sometimes I am aware of my sin sick soul... and sometimes I am aware that Jesus is my hope in the…

Living in the Past.

Today in my quiet time, I was taken back by a verse of scripture which spoke directly into my mind, from an event that happened around 20 years ago.  It was a powerful verse and a powerful time in my life where supernatural activity occurred and changed me...hugely. The event now isnt that important to speak of, and I wont write about it, for its not a thing you write about in a blog, its a thing you treasure in your heart and sometimes speak about if the timing is right, however, this verse from Hebrews 1, just caused me to stop in my tracks and reflect on my life and where I am at these days. Also, where I want to be at.
I don’t know about you, but for me...I dont really want to be a Christian who lives in the past.
Our lives, are shaped by events in our lives, things happen to us, around us, through us..that affect who we are. Some of these events literally change the course of where we are headed. That is sometimes a good thing, and sometimes it isnt.
For instance, …

Another year nearly over...

I am not sure its been my best year, 2017, but I am not sure it has been my worst either.

Do you ever reflect on the year just gone and wish you had done some things and hadn’t done some things ?   Well, it’s like that for me.  There are many things I wish I hadn’t done, and there a number of things I wish I had.

You can’t go back and change it.... but we can make choices that change what a new year looks like.

I am hopeful for that, for myself. I haven’t blogged much in 2017, and I noticed the last entry was in August..a bit slack of me really.

For 2018 things will be hugely different for me ( and Jules), we have moved house, and will work from home in a new role for TSA in Australia. It’s exciting, but also a bit daunting as we try and discover what the role truly means.

Here are a few things, my top 10, I hope to achieve in 2018 for my life personally. No particular order, and dont read between the lines, coz there isnt anything to read there.

1.   Balance up work and personal lif…