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WOW....what a month.

It's boxing day in Melbourne, and I have just surfaced from a good nights sleep. Still feeling pretty tired, Its been an amazing month, simply too busy I think.

Every December our church wraps gifts at a local shopping centre, we use the opportunity to build relationships with the locals and of course, raise some funds for our work here. It's very tiring but also very enjoyable.

This year has been particularly challenging, people have let us down, some have not shown up when they said they would, others have simply had their own agenda, and then of course there were the faithful loyal workers who helped, selflessly, and these people I admire.

The world is filled with diverse people of all kinds of personality traits, some you groan from, others you grow from. I love those people who serve without complaining, who just turn up even when they are exhausted...the ones who see that something needs to be done, and they just do it....people like This are rare. If any of you are r…

Listen out for God...

It's Christmas and its very busy.

We are helping hundreds of people right now through our church ministries.
And I mean hundreds. It actually may even be thousands.

It's busy.

I want to share this little story with you, that happened to me the other day...

I was at Broadmeadows shopping centre, Christmas wrapping, we have been doing this for around 7 years now...

I had taken a break, and was sitting in the cafe watching the people meandering past.

There was a lot going on.

A young girl had collapsed behind the counter of the cafe, the medics were with her and were taking her away on a stretcher, people had crowded to watch, as they do.

All sorts of people, are at Broady shops, and a large amount of them are Muslims.

Because of this...over the past years, no Christmas carols or music was ever played at these shops....but this year it has changed.

As I sat there, pondering life, and amidst the drone of the noisy shopping centre, the words started to filter into my ears and heart…

A few things happening lately.

I don't think I have ever had such a difficult time....

I am well aware of issues where I have been disrespected and disregarded and my ministry count for absolutely nothing... 16 years means nothing to some.... Neither does 11 years of planting, oh well...that's leadership.

It's lonely, it's hard, and at times extremely hurtful.
But I still choose to stay the course, I still choose to go hard, coz I am not going home.

Really when it comes down to it, when a person disrespects you, it is highly possible it is their issue not my own.

I do believe though you have to earn respect and loyalty and so if I don't have it from all in my circle then maybe I haven't earned it ?

Or... Sigh! oh we'll I am sure you get it.

It's sometimes very lonely and as I said previously, hurtful.

Look at Jesus, he was more than hurt, more than abandoned and more than disrespected.

He was killed. Ridiculed. Spat on. Ignored. He was abused. He was left alone. Betrayed.


Getting the God niggles

What do you do when God niggles you ?

dont know what a niggle is?
 some call it a prompt, some call it an unsettling in your spirit, I just call it a niggle.

I have just spent an awesome hour with a good friend who is being bashed up by people who should know better.

if ever there was injustice, its right here. in fact I am down right angry about it right now... how dare they, who do they think they are ? what is their fruit ?  Jesus said by their fruit you will know who they are....

so God niggles at my spirit..... do something... and then I go, do what ? Lord ? what can I do ? who am I ?

so I anointed him(yes with oil for all you people who think you cant do that ) and prayed for him and something  happened, I felt a warmth go over him and through him... and I felt God touch him. ( well I felt that happened)

I think you should be obedient to the niggles of the Lord.

I am bewildered by what I hear, people who laugh at a prayer meeting called for revival, are you serious ?

Oh Lord I p…

Stand up for the truth of the bible.

The following article was posted as an email today, and it thrilled me, as it is a bold statement of truth, one which I personally hold to and based on my understanding of scripture, which the world nd Satan is trying to distort, and to confuse people on the planet. I don't always feel the Army gets it right, but on this one they have, and it makes me feel a little more confident about our own future as part of Gods Holy church. It won't please everyone, but it will please God, and that's really what matters most.

Take a read....

The Salvation Army
Australia Southern Territory
Office of the Chief Secretary
3 November 2011

Divisional Commanders / Regional Officer
Australia Southern Territory

Dear colleagues,

The Territorial Commander, along with territorial leadership in both territories, and most of the major Australian churches have endorsed the current ACL campaign, which is fully aligned with the Salvation Army's national and interna…

Salvos 3064 Brothel Ministry - Can a prostitute be saved ?

Today two of our church ministry staff(leaders) visited a woman whom we met in the brothels. This woman has been on the seamy side of life for a long time, a straight shooter who puts up with no nonsense from anyone.
We have had several home visits with her, discussing many issues, but today we took a message bible, a tract explaining salvation and a book “Ultimate Questions”.  She was so excited to receive her bible. She had previously tried to understand the scriptures but was unable to.
There were several spiritual matters that ****(name withheld) wanted to discuss, some being why people are sick, why people commit suicide, why babies die.   We covered these issues fairly comprehensively, explaining them as simply as we could, to enable her to understand. This led to the opportunity of asking  *****  if she had given her life to the Lord,      explaining that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no one can become friends with God until they asked Jesus to come and share their …

the latest... Hot potato.. Hot potato !!!!!

Make a statement about  homosexuality and watch the darts fly.

I did it on Facebook this week and things went a bit berserk.

I wonder why it is such a hot potato ? and yet  we don't seem to get any where near riled up about some other significant issues... and other issues its just simply very clear.

would we allow a pedophile to be a leader in kids church...hardly...

anyway, it's not the biggest issue in my life, its just that I cant believe that some churches are allowing a compromise to begin  in what is right or what is wrong in leadership of the greatest thing God is doing on the planet.

I think God allows us to work it out, to see how we are going to handle issues such as these and which side of the fence we are going to sit...what is right, what is wrong, what choices we are making for Him and how strong we will stand for Him and what will move us and what won't . !

I also think that God wants us to work it out,  what are our life values...what is it we really beli…

The 2 sided Coin....a prophecy and vision.

There are two sides to every coin...
on both sides there is an imprint, a very clear marking which identifies what the coin is, and who it belongs to, and its value. The coin is always imprinted on both sides, usually with the value on one side and the governance(the nation) on the other.

It's a been a very interesting week ....for me personally, with some pretty big wake up calls about what we as a church have achieved this year and what we haven't.

 I was sharing my personal frustration with one of my Leadership Growth Partners the other day (Captain Kevin Lumb) and he,the good officer he is, listened... and then started to prophesy into my life, I want to share this prophecy here and also the Vision that has come out of it for my own life and for our church.

How this started is that we were investigating our spiritual activity in our church over the past year for a new program we are about to start and we discovered some alarming stats that show we have been busy doing some …

I am not finished with just yet.

Nothing makes Satan so fearful as a Christian who understands the power of prayer.
Some time ago Brother Andrew wrote a book on prayer, entitled "And God changed His Mind because His people dared to ask." Abraham dared to ask and in response God was willing to change His mind. "For the sake of ten I will not destroy it." (Sodom and Gomorrah) Six times Abraham had prayed for the salvation of the people in those cities.
What a pity he stopped at ten.
Who knows what might have happened had Abraham gone on? Ungodly men and women in sinful cities do not realize how much they owe to the presence of God's people in their midst. Godly people are too often unaware of their enormous responsibility to pray for a wicked world. Abraham was aware - and prayed.
Let us plead with God for a breakthrough in countries where His presence is not allowed.(including our own where peopel seem to not allow God to be active in their lives)
Let us also hold on to God when praying for…

What I have learned today...(so far)

I am not the sharpest of all people on the planet, in fact there are times when I think may be the dumbest.

When life, or an event in life trips you up, you need to make a choice.
Stay on the floor, or get yourself back up and get back to the journey.

I find myself tripped up at times, flat on my face, embarrassed and hurt, and wonder why I fell for that...sometimes falling for the same trip, over and over again.

I know I am not alone, but the real question is what do you do when you find yourself flat on your face.

I believe the answer is get yourself up as quickly as you can.

I also hold to these truths which I am trying to shape my own life with...
1. Find out what tripped you and get rid of it, so it doesn't get you again.
2. Walk around the obstacles.
3. If you have tripped, don't stay tripped, get up, keep going.
4. Apologize, repent, confess, renew.
5. Put plans in place to avoid future tripping episodes.

I am not perfect, in fact I am way off even being close to be…

What's new.

It's been a busy few weeks, that's nothing new though, my life is always busy.
The latest thing is we have started a Facebook group called... Growth partners network, which is all about leaders helping each other to start growing, and stay growing, staying sharp.
My life is always a juggling act of trying to keep my life activity up to speed with my brain.
Which is, or at least seems to be, always in overdrive.

I am finding some balance though these days...walking 4kms a day, getting good sleep and also going home at a reasonable time instead of over working.

Got a few more challenges though, getting my diet right, sorting through distractions, losing a few kilos and preparing for the pointy end of the year.

We(our family) have just sponsored a Watoto child and feel blessed to be able to do so...if you could find a few extra dollars, $40 a month, you could also make a difference to a child in Uganda.

So...another day beckons, always loads to do....but, the big challeng…

My personal top 10 Axioms.

My personal Axioms:

I will list them here as I develop and unpack them.... But without a shadow of a doubt my first one is as follows.

1. Pay now, play later....or play now and pay later.
Ok so it's probably not my own original, but is one I have adapted and adopted as my own.
The thrust of it is, if you do the hard yards now, work hard, set the foundations, then later on you can enjoy the rewards.
But if you want the rewards first, then you can, but later on you will pay the price of not setting good foundations in place first, when everything falls over in the end, it will be, because the preparation wasn't done in the first place.
I am trying to live my life with this in process.

More soon( I have a month ) .... :)

2. Every Choice has a Consequence every choice has a consequence. we think our choices are right, but often we don't find out the outcomes of that, until we see and experience the consequence.  A good choice = a good consequence, and equally so, a bad c…


I love holidays.

I hate holidays.

I feel all sorts of things about breaking from my calling and ministry. I feel ripped off, but then I get rested.
I feel like I lose momentum, but then God works in my mind and I get motivation.
I feel like I lose routines, but then that's exactly what I need to lose ruts.

Well I now need to go back to work and there is very much to do this week.

We have Watoto Uganda children's choir in on Saturday.
A church business and vision meeting on Sunday
A ministers network meeting on Tuesday.
In Adelaide coaching on Thursday.
Leaders meeting Wednesday
Connect groups Tuesday
Set up on Friday for Watoto

Ahhh ministry.... Don't you just love it ? Well actually. I do.

So this week looks busy and it is busy.

But as I was reminded today..I have only one life to live on this earth, this is not pre game warm up for the real other life on the planet. This is the game, this is the grand final, this is the life I was called and chosen and created to,live,…

At the end of the bed.....

Ali Sougou

Ali Sougou was the first ever indigenous Christian of the Comoros Islands, a beautiful group of islands in the Indian Ocean, east of the continent of Africa. Born and raised in a Muslim family, Ali met Christ in a supernatural way.

His first contact with Christ came through a Christian who visited his island. Ali was confused about what he had heard from the man. "Jesus loves me and died for my sins? Who is this Jesus?" He dare not ask the Christian. He could not anyway, as the Christian had already left the island. And there was no other Christian to ask.

Ali went home - disturbed and confused. All he wanted now was a quiet rest and a good sleep. That night something happened. Ali realized he was not alone in the room anymore. Facing him across the room stood a man. The beauty of His countenance was beyond description. His white robe lit up the room. His eyes were as blue as sapphires. "He held out his hands and placed them on my forehead." Ali said lat…

Holidays !?!?!?!?

It's 6 am, and I am wide awake.
It's my first day of a 2 week holiday, and yep here I am, up and about, blogging.

My head screams body too....but something deep inside me is going to be a little harder to slow down.

We had a good day yesterday.... And I don't have to do anything this week....but here I am awake.


I was talking with my mentor the other day about the kind of footprint legacy my life will leave when I die. And the truth is I want my footprint, my life legacy, to have made a difference. I really do feel that there is so much to do, and I am yet to really find my sweet spot in ministry and life.

Holidays are good for a few things, they slow you down, allow you to recharge, refocus, re's still 6 am ish)...but they do inhibit momentum, and that bit I don't like that much.

Here's some truth about me...

I want my life, ministry, be deep...wide....
To have impacted people for Jesus Christ.

A blessing…

The real me....

I don't think I am the smartest bloke on the block, neither do I think for one moment that I am better than anyone else, in fact far from it.... But I realize I have got some things going for me...
Some of the things I have going for me I have become aware of recently, that I was never aware of before.

I am stubborn (Julie tells me that all the time) but my stubbornness has kept me on track with some of my leadership calls, when maybe others may have given up.

I can be a bit autocratic, and at times that could probably be a pain in the neck to some around me,at times I have needed to be just that, to keep things going in the right direction.

And a new one I am discovering, at a cost I might say, is I am becoming more discerning. Even waking in the middle of the night with an awareness of stuff going on that I may have missed at any other time. And it's not all been good, for it has shown me areas of great concern in my ministry area. That will potentially create great confl…

For my friends who are suffering today.

Problems Have a Purpose

Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory. 
Psalm 50:15 NLT

God will use whatever he wants to display his glory. Heavens and stars. History and nations. People and problems. My dying dad in West Texas.

The last three years of his life were scarred by ALS. The disease took him from a healthy mechanic to a bedbound paralytic. He lost his voice and his muscles, but he never lost his faith. Visitors noticed. Not so much in what he said but more in what he didn’t say. Never outwardly angry or bitter, Jack Lucado suffered stately.

His faith led one man to seek a like faith. After the funeral this man sought me out and told me. Because of my dad’s example, he became a Jesus follower.

Did God orchestrate my father’s illness for that very reason? Knowing the value he places on one soul, I wouldn’t be surprised. And imagining the splendor of heaven, I know my father’s not complaining.

A season of suffering is a small assignment …

the big MO... (thanks John Maxwell)

So far over 300 people have been through our doors this week for ministry and mission activity. its been a busy week, and the week is really only half way through, in fact based on our expectations and what we think will happen tonight and tomorrow, we will hit an all time record for the year so far, which of course is our best year  to date...

when you have momentum on your side it feels like  you are better than you really are, but I would prefer it this way than the other alternative.

We go public with our rock wall this week... and really hoping it will impact our community and lead us towards our vision to see 2000 people attending our church facilities each week.

I climbed the wall  on Saturday with 10 of our team who were being trained as supervisors and it was a good feeling climbing the wall and then trusting others with my life, to come down again. (I obviously survived)

Momentum is  a strange and wonderful thing. It is awesome and you feel like you can say to mountains or ma…

The purpose of the church ( in me)

God is doing something inside me that I am finding difficult to explain, but I do want to try and share it, even if it sounds all muddled up as it comes out.
I am totally pumped.
But also aware of the work ahead.

to think that God has called me, appointed me for His purposes on the earth, basically stop Satan winning on the earth.

to think that our church is about to start another new life cycle.

to think that I am Gods  idea and you are too.

the news is urgent, there is much to do, lives are at stake, and God has allowed us an opportunity that most churches don't get.( now I don't think that makes us better than other churches, please hear  that) it's just that we have an opportunity in our front yard.  just waiting for us to join God in what He is doing.

I feel overwhelmed by the ministry opportunities I have and am being given every week now. the privilege and responsibility is awesome as well as humbling, to think that God could use, and want to use, a b…


So I am home now, from Arndale in Adelaide, what a few days it has been.
I have learned much, and will implement what I have gained in our church over the coming months.

As Gods people, we must have a broken heart for the lost. As Gods church, we must have a broken heart and passion for the lost, not a token opinion, but a burning passion.

The church exists for a specific purpose, and whilst our worship is precious to us, the preaching important in our meetings, our style and DNA all so important to church life, none of these things are our God given purpose...

Our purpose is simple, yet we don't do it.

Gods plan has never changed, but somehow along the way we changed it.

Salvos 3064 we are going to tweak a few things to realign ourselves with this God purpose and mandate, so be ready for it..( if any are reading this )...

So what is it you may ask ...?

I will tell you...and there will be more on Sunday... But our purpose on the earth as Gods church is simply to push back the kin…

What I learned today...part 2.

Firstly, I am just so exhausted.


Amazed, at what you pick up about a church when you dig a little.

Gobsmacked by grace.

I think that every church needs to do a consultation, ours will be soon.

If a church is fair dinkum about being the body of Christ on earth, then that church must do something serious on the earth for Jesus.

It will be interesting to watch this consultation unfold, how the prescriptions come out, and how they are received, and then embraced and acted upon.

This church here can turn around...I know it, but will it ?
Will it trust God ?

Here's what I know, for this church, for our church, for the Salvation Army...

If we keep doing what we've been doing, we will keep getting what we already have.

If we want different end results, then we MUST change the way we do things.

I am very excited, about how things went today, and yesterday, for the affirmation, teaching and training and equipping, and the anticipation of the empowering.

It can only help the…

What I learned today !

Firstly,that Dr Paul Borden is one smart man of God.
Secondly, that the Salvation Army hierarchy are to be congratulated on allowing him to assist us in renewal.

Thirdly... Well where do I start about myself...

There are a lot of critical questions to ask myself about myself and my church.

That there are still some very passionate people who want to win the world for Jesus in the Salvation Army.

That I want my church to do something serious on the earth for Jesus.
My life too.

I don't want to play church.

What a day this has been for me.
I am tired and mentally exhausted, but enthused and energized at the same time.
I want to help the Army get healthy corps(churches) everywhere.

Consulting is awesome. Draining, yep.... But amazing , I pray my life will help others in this.

And this was only day 1 of the consultation.

In was in tears today. I love the church when I see her like I saw a part of her today. And I hate it when I see what damage Satan tried to inflict upon the bride.

My personal opinion....

Recently I have been rattled by stories emerging from sacred places, meant for a God given role, but being used by the enemy.

My personal opinion is that I wish they would get with the program and remain true to the Word.

Life is complex isn't it ? People kill each other, hurt each other with words, abuse each other for self gratification, Norway...the wars around the world, where people, are fighting for a cause...

Will we fight for our beliefs?
Will we stand up for what we hold as true?
Who will defend the Word ?

Who will hold true that God created....special unions, special relationships, who will hold true the fact that a man and woman should join as one flesh ? And pro create?
It can't be done any other way, our humanity wasn't designed for it any other way... A man and a woman....that is what God designed....

Why is it That we seek to distort Gods truth, to compromise it, water it down ?

I am all, for tolerance and love and acceptance...however at some point, there…

Calling a spade a spade..... on !?

Swimming against the flow...
Standing up for what you believe is right, even if others say it isn't ?

I am struggling with people watering down the truth of the bible, compromising it, saying it's not relevant for today, or....worse, some take some of it and hold it true, but other bits are questioned.

We are at war...not over theology, but with Satan and his deceiving ways, his conniving ways, his compromising ways....sowing doubt, "did God really say ?"

It's not new....go back to Eve....Eden....Adam....

What is a deal breaker for me, may not be for you.

But you do have to stand on your convictions at some stage of you life.

I am praying that wisdom will prevail.... And for those that oppose biblical truth, that God will open their eyes to a new revelation of the fierce and subtle battle being waged against us.

Sound all a bit cryptic ? Maybe safe !!!!!

I am a sinner saved by grace, I have been forgiven much, an so will try to forgive and grace others.

But a…

I'm still standing....

Huge things going on around me.

Surprised this week, by the way God uses broken people to bring hope into a broken world.

Encouraged by Gods people and their response to Him.

Excited by the impending events of the next few weeks.

And so should I also be surprised by the battle, the struggle, the temptation, the darts from the enemy, the attempts to destroy my life...

And here I am.... Still standing firm.

Prepped and ready to go again....inspired and enlightened, willing and ready to be used for His glory yet again.

There is nothing like it, this Kingdom journey.

I pray many will be touched by Him this weekend.

Keep your ears out and eyes for our latest podcasts this Sunday.

Maybe one day we will live stream.

Sunday July 10th AM

Political're kidding, right ?

As a Christ follower, I, like everyone else, grapple with sin everyday. I don't think God sees any difference between our sin, sin is sin.

There are some amongst us who believe that being politically correct is more important than biblical truth. Seriously, how do you think that is going to measure up against God's holiness and His truth...and His Word....where it lays out very clearly, exactly what sin looks like ?

Obviously each person needs to determine what their own conscience says about these issues, but for me, some of them could easily become deal breakers.

If they go too far...I am out! My conscience won't allow me to stay in.

And I continue to grapple with sin....
It's everywhere.
The world thinks it's ok.
It always has.
Jesus came to set captives free.
We choose to stay captive.
Just because the world thinks it's ok, doesn't mean it is.

It's a narrow road that leads to heaven and it's not a popular road. It's criticized all the …

Salvos 3064 Podcast site

The Bible is the The Last Word....

Over the weekend I was having some conversations with friends and colleagues about biblical truth, and together we discussed how the world is changing things so rapidly that everything is being compromised, and now even untruth is being taught in places, that basically it surprises me that it is.

Julie preached it on the weekend. what are we fighting for ? and why ?

who is going to stand up and fight for the truth, when even the truth is being compromised ?

some call it liberal theology... I call it a blatant attack on the truth and  accuracy of the bible itself.

I wonder how it will all go down before the King, when we face Him and He asks us why we took the stand we did... over the areas that He calls Sin, and we call ...ok ?

if you attack the truth often enough, no one will even know what real truth is in the end.

they will be so confused and will then revert to living their lives in whatever ways they choose to live, whatever way they like to, when all the while the bible is clear …

Being excited about Sundays..

Someone once said to me that I was a Sunday Centric leader, and that I led a Sunday Centric church.
Well, at first I wondered where this person was coming from, especially since they were also a church leader in the Salvation Army.

Let me tell you though I am very excited about Sunday church.

Last Sunday in our morning service, God did something with my heart, which I have never experienced before.

I was praying for our congregation and watching them as I prayed for them. As I prayed I was overwhelmed with love and compassion, I could see more than just them, I could sense their lives, the hidden burdens, the hidden pain and worry, I think God allowed me to see them for a brief instance, as He saw them all the time.
I was overcome with emotion and it changed my praying and what I feel about our wonderful church.

This Sunday coming excites me hugely...we're trying something very different and having a theme service in the evening, with dress ups and the works... why should church b…

There's a Fire burning in my soul.

its a fire of discontent...
a burning desire for the things of God..
a pentecost fire to fall on  my head..
a refining fire to burn away all traces of sin.

I preached this sermon yesterday which sprang out of Daniel 3 for me .. where  3 men were placed into a fire to be destroyed...they were tied up and bound...but the only thing that got burned was the ropes that held them.

a well known bible story, but a story we need to hear again today..
we all, at times, are bound up, by ropes of evil intent...sinful choices, even made by others ...and sometimes by ourselves, and God comes to us, to free us, and be among us. read Daniel 3 for yourself.

please don't try this at home,
we had a fireman present to oversee the fire we burned inside our church...

it was a great illustration of what God does inside us, but remember this, and remember it well... the fire will go out if you don't tend to it, fuel it along.

the spiritual fire inside us is fueled by our prayer life, our worship, bo…

Sometimes life is tough.

One of my friends passed away this week.
when I read the post on his Facebook page, I was in unbelief at first, in fact I still am struggling to comprehend it.
he had made plans to be in our church this Sunday , I was expecting to have lunch with him and catch up.

and now.....       NO.

life dishes up some interesting stuff at times.

I find myself bewildered by some things that go on around me. The choices that people make and the decisions that people act out upon without any courtesy or respect towards others.  I think our world has become an interesting place, it could be that I am just getting old, and some of my values that I was grounded in have seemingly just been thrown out the window.

what ever happened to old fashioned respect ? courtesy ? 

I think its vital that you live by the values that you have decided that are right for your life. I don't always get it right either, I try, but sometimes I just fail. It's then that I hope that the value of grace is extended to …

Stretching and being stretched.

It's a good thing to be stretched in ministry, and in life.
It's great excercise for your mind.

I currently am aware that I personally am being stretched.

God promises never to take us beyond our ability to cope... I believe that. I also believe that when He stretches us, we are in a process of being further equipped and developed and empowered.

Currently my personal ministry is being stretched, things added, tasks becoming wider with a wider influence, and some of these will be used(no doubt) as a Kingdom advancing resource for me, and in me and through me.

There is also an awareness that now, as I allow myself to be used in such ways,that there is in fact no turning back.... Busier...less time for mucking urgent need to guard my personal space....and marriage...and the church that I Pastor is just going to get even more active.

It's all good though.

I asked for this.

It means saying no sometimes. And yes at other times. But choosing carefully which is yes an…

Geoff Bullock

I am sitting in my lounge room just reflecting on the past 24 hours or's Sunday arvo and I am getting ready soon for our night service at Salvos 3064 church... This morning and yesterday we sat through a beautiful time of ministry with Geoff.





I loved his stories, and honesty, and how he seemed relaxed amongst us. Which caused me to relax.

As he sang The Power of Your Love, I felt something wash over me...through me, around me...
It caused me to be unable to tears welled in my eyes.

For those present...the insight about Barabbas... Amazing.

And then of course the pooey nappy analogy, where God as our father holds us, embraces us,hugs us, even though we, as babies, smell to high heavens... Grace.

Thank you Geoff for coming to us, to bless us and minister to us..I am hoping Craigieburn will never be the same again....(sorry to pinch the line).

By the way, the personal chats in the car to and from the airport were
very spec…

Busyness - Business

You can easily get confused as to what is your main business as a busy salvo officer.
I know what it really is... But with RSA, running a church, preaching, admin, management,facilities issues, And other stuff... If you are not careful, you can forget the main business...which for me is seeing people get connected to Jesus and then grow closer to Him.

I would rather be busy in that business than anything else.

One lady gave her heart to Jesus in our church last Sunday, converted from Budhism to Jesus..and yet we were so busy it could easily just be another thing, yet...


That is the single most important thing... Isn't it ?

Salvation and discipleship... The recipe for church success.

I pray for many more of both....

The other stuff, has to be done, and I seriously believe it can all happen at once....but the spiritual stuff is always more important than the admin.

Jesus called me to this.
And I am glad I said yes.

Furious Love

Furious love, a DVD movie documentary about the love of God invading the darkness.

Most who viewed it just sat there when it had concluded.
Some moved quietly to the mercy seat to pray.
Others just sat in quiet contemplation.

Some words we had back were comments like:

I loved it, and hated it.
It unsettled me.
Tears were flowing...
Others said I never knew...

What kind of God do we have that loves people who are witches, demon worshippers, demon possessed,sex workers, prostitutes, drug addicts.... You ? Me ?

Actually if you think about it... If God doesn't love all of us the same, regardless of who we are or what we have done or what we are involved in...then He isn't a fair God. If He can't redeem and save us from any of our sin, no matter what our sin looks like, then He can't save any of us from anything... He is fair. He is just. He is patient. He is merciful. He is forgiving.

It's us that are not.

This DVD will challenge the mindset of western Christians...…

I am excited

With everything going on around us presently I am so pumped. God is at work amongst us.
Today one of our champions teams went door knocking to start a process of reaching a street and inviting people to our church.

It was such a positive experience, with one guy giving me his business card so that I will email him later and have a coffee with him.

Here's what we did: ( our strategy)

1. Prayed through the street
2. Every home prayed over
3. Door knocked every home. 2 weeks later
4. Invited and gave out host and invite packs, coffee, tea, chockies, and a church info brochure.
5. Keep praying. And we will pray through the street again.

Anything could happen...

God is pruning in our church, and some are dropping away, and others are rising up.

Revival is on the way.

Eagles have been seen, even over the church.
Peace is restored.

Watch this space.

If I have any more I may just explode.

Today my soul was ministered to by the Lord himself, it was so special for me.

Just lately I have allowed the battle to hurt me a little more than it should. My peace had been it was restored, renewed...and something revived inside me.

Jesus is my Saviour. I am not His.
I am His servant.

I love what Jesus did in me today.

..... When I got home I was reading this Facebook dialogue, where one Christ follower was bagging out another Christ follower, because of a past sin.

Seriously.... Stop doing that people. Let Jesus be Saviour to all people, redeemer...forgiver, restorer, healer....

If we can't be forgiven of our past sins, then we are all doomed.

If Jesus has forgiven what has been confessed and repented from...who are we, any of us, to bring up anything against anyone at anytime?

To my friend Geoff... I am sad that a brother would do that, you did not deserve it.

We need to allow the Saviour to be that for us all.

I think that true Grace is allowing the Saviour…


Sometimes church is a hard thing... Leaving you feel challenged, discouraged, flat.
But not today...

Church was awesome this morning...110 present, and a sense that God was moving amongst us. But today I feel an excitement in my spirit, it could be about what I am expecting tonight.

Tonight's message is strong, true and hard hitting... Backed up with an amazing DVD clip about a huge church in Indonesia and some stories about what God is doing there.

I can't quite put my finger on what I am feeling right now...


At our church we have been praying for revival...this morning there were at least 20 newbies present, one lady just showing up because she had noticed the building...

We are expecting more new people tonight, but moreso...I think I am feeling what I feel because I know God is coming.

I think church can be fickle at times...

But when I feel what I feel right now... It is just the best thing on planet earth.

Leadership Challenges

I am feeling frustrated be honest... actually a little discouraged as well...
I am not going to give up, just finding the leadership road a challenge.
maybe by sharing my feelings others might find hope...I guess the risk with this is that some may think I am talking about them, and be in despair.  ( if that is you thinking that, you need to ring me and have a coffee and we can chat...its probably not you)

what do you do when people just let you down ?
they say they want to lead, but then they just dont lead.
they say one thing and do another !

it seems that some just want everything the easy way... and YES, I went to GOD about this, and I guess its possible that my expectations are simply too high.

I may expect too much of others.
but I guess its also possible that there could be some improvement  in output by some leaders as well.

what does a senior leader do when others don't turn up, choose another event over a leadership opportunity, choose less than the best.  Wo…


I may very well be the only one on the planet who thinks so.. but I think our Christian message has become way too complicated.

people are studying so hard to get theology degrees and what not... certificates of achievement, a piece of paper in their hand..and yet we are struggling hugely to reach our next door neighbour with the simple message that Jesus loves them.

I was watching this DVD over the weekend which just slammed  everything I hold true... it is called Furious Love and you should watch it, if you haven't seen it already.

its all about the Love of God and the love that He has for our world.

a love that doesnt care too much about  anything else...... than a person.

one person  sums it up on the DVD wonderfully,

"the message is simple:
Jesus loves you.
all we have to do is listen and care..... and share that love,
and you dont need a theology degree to do that".

we don't need a certificate on our wall to tell people we love them and Jesus does as well.
we d…

Flatness.... Or..... What's the opposite of flatness ?

Sometimes I feel flat.
Sometimes I don't feel flat.

What causes flatness ?

Stress around me, mistakes, falling, failure, problem situations, problem people, sin, disappointment,discouragement, lack of what you expect.

So I am thinking that to get the opposite to flatness you need the opposite to the above!!!
Stands to reason, doesn't it?

Easier said than done, in a world like we live in.

I do have a Saviour though.
Even if I feel flat, He is always there.

Love lifted me,
Jesus lifts me...

He is faithful when others are not
He is reliable when others let you down,
He will be what no one else can be...

Sometimes we humans look for our answers in all the wrong places, we try satisfying our needs with the earthly rather than the spiritual, seek truth in places of deception.

It's normal, but I don't think it right.

I am as guilty as anyone with this... Reverting to human instincts rather than spiritual truth and spiritual disciplines.

Sorry Lord.

Flatness will come, and f…

The first big test...

I have needed to make some changes in our church structure and strategies.... And last night some of those changes were rolled out...

A mixed response.

Some are pleased. Others are borderline.

Some are down right angry, threatening to protest, and sign petitions.


Here's why it had to be done...

Our church groups a not growing any more, they are stuck in a rut, becoming more exclusive than inclusive...self focussed, insular, and basically not a reflection of what our church aims and goals are. They would argue that of course... but the evidence is always in the fruit...

Jesus said by their fruit you will know them and....we do.

So John 15 pruning has begun.

It's really the first time in our church history that we have made a move to remove something and tweak it, like we are this time.

People can be so fickle.... Love you one moment, and hate you the next.

That's just leadership....sigh.

This has to be that growth may come.

For all those who want to ch…