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Furious Love

Furious love, a DVD movie documentary about the love of God invading the darkness.

Most who viewed it just sat there when it had concluded.
Some moved quietly to the mercy seat to pray.
Others just sat in quiet contemplation.

Some words we had back were comments like:

I loved it, and hated it.
It unsettled me.
Tears were flowing...
Others said I never knew...

What kind of God do we have that loves people who are witches, demon worshippers, demon possessed,sex workers, prostitutes, drug addicts.... You ? Me ?

Actually if you think about it... If God doesn't love all of us the same, regardless of who we are or what we have done or what we are involved in...then He isn't a fair God. If He can't redeem and save us from any of our sin, no matter what our sin looks like, then He can't save any of us from anything... He is fair. He is just. He is patient. He is merciful. He is forgiving.

It's us that are not.

This DVD will challenge the mindset of western Christians...…

I am excited

With everything going on around us presently I am so pumped. God is at work amongst us.
Today one of our champions teams went door knocking to start a process of reaching a street and inviting people to our church.

It was such a positive experience, with one guy giving me his business card so that I will email him later and have a coffee with him.

Here's what we did: ( our strategy)

1. Prayed through the street
2. Every home prayed over
3. Door knocked every home. 2 weeks later
4. Invited and gave out host and invite packs, coffee, tea, chockies, and a church info brochure.
5. Keep praying. And we will pray through the street again.

Anything could happen...

God is pruning in our church, and some are dropping away, and others are rising up.

Revival is on the way.

Eagles have been seen, even over the church.
Peace is restored.

Watch this space.

If I have any more I may just explode.

Today my soul was ministered to by the Lord himself, it was so special for me.

Just lately I have allowed the battle to hurt me a little more than it should. My peace had been it was restored, renewed...and something revived inside me.

Jesus is my Saviour. I am not His.
I am His servant.

I love what Jesus did in me today.

..... When I got home I was reading this Facebook dialogue, where one Christ follower was bagging out another Christ follower, because of a past sin.

Seriously.... Stop doing that people. Let Jesus be Saviour to all people, redeemer...forgiver, restorer, healer....

If we can't be forgiven of our past sins, then we are all doomed.

If Jesus has forgiven what has been confessed and repented from...who are we, any of us, to bring up anything against anyone at anytime?

To my friend Geoff... I am sad that a brother would do that, you did not deserve it.

We need to allow the Saviour to be that for us all.

I think that true Grace is allowing the Saviour…


Sometimes church is a hard thing... Leaving you feel challenged, discouraged, flat.
But not today...

Church was awesome this morning...110 present, and a sense that God was moving amongst us. But today I feel an excitement in my spirit, it could be about what I am expecting tonight.

Tonight's message is strong, true and hard hitting... Backed up with an amazing DVD clip about a huge church in Indonesia and some stories about what God is doing there.

I can't quite put my finger on what I am feeling right now...


At our church we have been praying for revival...this morning there were at least 20 newbies present, one lady just showing up because she had noticed the building...

We are expecting more new people tonight, but moreso...I think I am feeling what I feel because I know God is coming.

I think church can be fickle at times...

But when I feel what I feel right now... It is just the best thing on planet earth.

Leadership Challenges

I am feeling frustrated be honest... actually a little discouraged as well...
I am not going to give up, just finding the leadership road a challenge.
maybe by sharing my feelings others might find hope...I guess the risk with this is that some may think I am talking about them, and be in despair.  ( if that is you thinking that, you need to ring me and have a coffee and we can chat...its probably not you)

what do you do when people just let you down ?
they say they want to lead, but then they just dont lead.
they say one thing and do another !

it seems that some just want everything the easy way... and YES, I went to GOD about this, and I guess its possible that my expectations are simply too high.

I may expect too much of others.
but I guess its also possible that there could be some improvement  in output by some leaders as well.

what does a senior leader do when others don't turn up, choose another event over a leadership opportunity, choose less than the best.  Wo…


I may very well be the only one on the planet who thinks so.. but I think our Christian message has become way too complicated.

people are studying so hard to get theology degrees and what not... certificates of achievement, a piece of paper in their hand..and yet we are struggling hugely to reach our next door neighbour with the simple message that Jesus loves them.

I was watching this DVD over the weekend which just slammed  everything I hold true... it is called Furious Love and you should watch it, if you haven't seen it already.

its all about the Love of God and the love that He has for our world.

a love that doesnt care too much about  anything else...... than a person.

one person  sums it up on the DVD wonderfully,

"the message is simple:
Jesus loves you.
all we have to do is listen and care..... and share that love,
and you dont need a theology degree to do that".

we don't need a certificate on our wall to tell people we love them and Jesus does as well.
we d…

Flatness.... Or..... What's the opposite of flatness ?

Sometimes I feel flat.
Sometimes I don't feel flat.

What causes flatness ?

Stress around me, mistakes, falling, failure, problem situations, problem people, sin, disappointment,discouragement, lack of what you expect.

So I am thinking that to get the opposite to flatness you need the opposite to the above!!!
Stands to reason, doesn't it?

Easier said than done, in a world like we live in.

I do have a Saviour though.
Even if I feel flat, He is always there.

Love lifted me,
Jesus lifts me...

He is faithful when others are not
He is reliable when others let you down,
He will be what no one else can be...

Sometimes we humans look for our answers in all the wrong places, we try satisfying our needs with the earthly rather than the spiritual, seek truth in places of deception.

It's normal, but I don't think it right.

I am as guilty as anyone with this... Reverting to human instincts rather than spiritual truth and spiritual disciplines.

Sorry Lord.

Flatness will come, and f…

The first big test...

I have needed to make some changes in our church structure and strategies.... And last night some of those changes were rolled out...

A mixed response.

Some are pleased. Others are borderline.

Some are down right angry, threatening to protest, and sign petitions.


Here's why it had to be done...

Our church groups a not growing any more, they are stuck in a rut, becoming more exclusive than inclusive...self focussed, insular, and basically not a reflection of what our church aims and goals are. They would argue that of course... but the evidence is always in the fruit...

Jesus said by their fruit you will know them and....we do.

So John 15 pruning has begun.

It's really the first time in our church history that we have made a move to remove something and tweak it, like we are this time.

People can be so fickle.... Love you one moment, and hate you the next.

That's just leadership....sigh.

This has to be that growth may come.

For all those who want to ch…

The DAY approaches...

No Christ follower in all history has ever had the opportunities we are having in our generation, to witness first hand a world in turmoil as it rapidly spins out of control. Terrorism is rampant, there are natural disasters happening everywhere, sin is at an all time high,and There are just a few modern day plagues around the place as well. The news of the death of Osama has bought such a mixed bag of reaction and emotion. He was a bad and evil man ..yes, but what the world is shown us in response to his death..just shows me how fast the day approaches when Jesus will return. Add to that the drama in the middle east..

The bible says that we should encourage each other more now than ever before.

One day we will go to bed at night, wake up the next day, just like we have been doing all of our lives, but this day will be different....the events of this day will change us forever and our world forever...

When Jesus returns... Nothing will be the same again.

Those that love Him now, will …

The Broad and Narrow Way.

May 1st Message at Craigieburn Salvos: ( if you are interested)

In Johns gospel, the sequence of writing is interesting, in the order of events recorded. Just before the account of the Easter story,  we read of Jesus teaching his disciples about how to keep a fruitful life, and a healthy fruitful church. I don’t know about what you want for your life, but  I can honestly tell you, that for my life I am wanting a fruitful life and not the opposite to that, which is barrenness… I want to achieve something with my life, I want purpose I want results… fruit … What about you…do you want to live a fruitful life ?  or do you want to achieve nothingness  ?
John 15 : Jesus tell us clearly what must be done in our lives and in our church to make it fruitful, and what must be done to keep it fruitful year after year…. And what must be done to get rid of the bad stuff… I think we can, and actually we are, learning from this and you will see some tweaking of church process here in the coming weeks and mo…