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The final..alone me... Conclusion.

In just a couple of days I will be re-united with the beautiful Jules.

However, I am struggling tonight with the feelings I have, and the thoughts. I feel like the enemy has pulled out all stops again, against me...

It's been a good day, good crowds in church in both services, holidays approach, and yet Satan is still trying to sow seeds of doubt and fear and abandonment into me.

It's been 2 months alone, and I am unsure it's a totally good concept.

Perhaps In a few months time, it will all be forgotten, however it is all a bit real tonight and all a bit weird. I don't like it. I don't like what I am feeling.

God has been at work in my heart. And my mind. I am changed. Big things have happened in me.

I have coped ok, but the truth is I have just missed her too much... And yeah I know it's just a few more short days, and yes it is... But it doesn't change what is being thrown at me right now...

She is not like me. She doesn't make the same mista…

The Alone...Me (part 7)

Well finally its just about over...and I won't be alone anymore... next week I fly to London and will join up with my beautiful wife and we will holiday together in Europe.

in the meantime I want to tell you....that I have survived and I have changed while she has been away.

I know that God has been changing Jules also, what a re-union we are going to have together , just getting to know each other (the new us) when we rejoin next week.   woohoo

yesterday at our church, was kind of like a sign of what has happened inside me...

you can check out the preaching at this following  link, if you are interested and have a spare half an hour.

Right now, in me, God is refining me, renewing me,shaping me, rebuking me and correcting me, and its all good.

it needed to be done....  sigh.

I am determined..
I am decided..
I am deliberate..
I am dangerous...            to the enemy (at least)

for I know the pain of defeat and the distraction that the devil brings and it …


Went onto a Facebook thread this week that involved people seeking a psychic for whatever reason.

I understand that the world is seeking answers,  and I have the answer but the answer I have people don't want to seek.


now as bad as it all is, what makes it worse, WAY that some of the people in our church were on there making appointments.  

Now, before you throw your hands up in the air and ask what kind of church this actually is... we run a new church here at Craigieburn and it has loads of new baby Christians, and many also, who are just here checking things out...not committed to Christ yet, that's part of the journey of planting a Church..... so it is expected that there will always be people who are on various stages of growth.

If you are reading this..and you have been doing this psychic thing...

you don't need to do it, you need to seek Jesus and His Holy Spirit, it will be better than anything and everything else you could ever imagine…

The Alone me...(part 7)

It has been a huge day.

I love our church when it's like this.

Someone made a comment to me tonight, questioning the validity of " carpet time " which some people call it when God puts people on the floor.

Here's what I think....

God can do whatever He wants , whichever way He wants, whenever He wants in my ministry and in our church.

I will never stand in the way of what God should choose to do in His church...

I have been around long enough to know the difference between those that fake this and those who do not.... And I just know deep down in my spirit, that God was working in our church today.

People were changed, blessed, encouraged, uplifted and touched.

It's sad to me when we question what almighty sovereign omnipotent God can or cannot do, based on our limited human understanding of Him and His ways.

We will all get some surprises I think, when we get to heaven...perhaps some of the methods we employ in our churches will be seen as carnal at best, but…

The Alone...Me (Part 6)

It's been a pretty interesting week, not all good...but not all bad either.

a few things that have happened this week, messed with my head and heart.... but God still rules my heart and I am trusting Him to get me through.

whilst Jules freezes in the UK... snow everywhere, and we prepare ourselves to join her... now in just a few weeks, I guess I am hoping that the snow and big freeze in Europe doesn't affect our plans too much.

The blogs of the last couple of weeks have been great stories, the brothel ministry, the stories of Freedom and Jeff and then , well there are the eagles that I have been seeing nearly everyday for the past week or so.

so where am I at ?                  I am ok...thanks for,
but God is deeply at work in me , He has been for a few weeks now.

I am starting to settle for what lays before me,( or maybe what I think lays before me) and a part of me is ready to embrace that... as scary as it is to even say it, I am ......( I think)

I want to be…

Salvos 3064 Brothel Ministry - Can a prostitute be saved ? (part 2)

Hi all.. sorry to butt in on my own (alone)series..but this just has to be our church we run an outreach ministry into a local brothel, the following report(below) is posted by our women ministry workers who do this ministry. It is posted , because we are so pumped about the results today and the fact that this ministry went up a notch today.

its also in line with last Sundays message( see and the launching of the Hope for all posters in our church, depicting William Booths original vision of reaching out to those who are lost and perishing...this includes prostitutes.

Ministry is difficult and sometimes its hard to get breakthroughs.... and when you do, you should shout it from the rooftops and the mountain tops..... and thats why we are sharing this here...

it is now 2 madams we have prayed out...and today's unconditional love shared with the girls will count for something in the economy of the Kingdom..well done Noeleen and Lisa for your fait…