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Good times.

It's been a pretty good weekend at our church, which means its been a pretty good weekend for me.

some might say, that's all a bit sad, but for me, not really, I have given my life to my calling and so its pretty important for me to see good weekends in my life's work.

our attendances weren't huge, and in the past that would have had a big impact on whether it was a good weekend or not ...but  something is changing in me, which is pretty good.

It didn't matter how many were in church yesterday, it was just good. 

MOSTLY, the people who were present just wanted to worship God and that was awesome.
( there will always be in church those who are just there for some other reason)

So what made church so good, and the weekend so good for me ?

I relaxed and got some things done around the house on Saturday, My footy team had a win... and the presence of God was with us in Church.

I felt like I preached ok....( you can check that out for yourself here...www.salvos3064.podb…

Isaiah 46:4

I will continue to carry you even when you are old.
       I will take good care of you even when your hair is gray.
      I have made you. And I will carry you.
      I will take care of you. And I will save you.
     I am the Lord.
                                                  Isaiah 46:4
well,the other day I was doing my devotions, morning quiet time and this verse (above) jumped off the page and into my mind.   I couldn't seem to get away from it, my eyes kept darting back to it, a sure sign for me, that God wanted to say something to my heart.
Brengle has now finished and life is back into full swing, and seriously there are some issues of curiosity that hang over my life in regards to my ministry future, and seeing as though nothing has been said in any way or direction as yet, I feel completely justified to share my feeling and  fears and hopes. 
As a Salvation Army Officer, "I" , just like all my colleagues, face the uncertain future of where I will be ministerin…


Brengle reflections:The overwhelming sense in my spirit is the cry of my heart to

"keep me near the cross"

It is my prayer and hope to dwell and tarry near the its shadow, in the power in which it symbolizes.

That my life was purchased and redeemed there.

I am saved, by what Jesus did for me there.

It's safe there.

(Thankyou Father)

today we had a few sessions: but by far the most significant session for us all, well, for me anyway, was the concert of prayer we shared earlier today.

It was in this session that God drew very close to me and reminded me of who I am in Him and what He requires of me... which is to stay close to the cross.

my thoughts on that are:- away from the cross I become distracted and temptations become stronger, even over powering.

- when I am away from the cross, I tend to do things my way instead of His way.

- when I am near the cross, I am focussed, things are much clearer there.

- the closer I am to the cross, the more evident the power is in wi…


Days 5 and 6 were quiet days at Brengle...Day 5 a day of sabbath rest, which was welcomed by all, I spent the day in Geelong, and resting...and sharing dinner with a good friend, Thanks Doug.

Day 6, was a day of silent retreat which was also a good day,

sadly for me it was shattered when I heard the news that my beloved dog( my pet of 17 years at home) was very sick and needed to be put to sleep.

for me personally, I was very sad on a few fronts, that Julie and the girls had to deal with it, without me,and that I couldn't really say goodbye to him physically.

He has been our pet dog ever since we left college, and it just leaves me feeling a little flat and yep...sad.

I don't care what anyone else thinks about it, he was a special part of our family for so long... I will place a picture up somewhere (either facebook or here on my blog) of him, when I get back to my computer at the office.

life is like that though isn't it ?

its not always on top of the mountain tops, somet…


Today has been the best day by far, I felt God tug at my heart today, and as He did He ministered very deeply into my spirit, I was, and am, overwhelmed by His love and grace shown to me. I feel I don't deserve anything that he gives like this, but am ever so grateful for HIs loving and gentle touch upon me.

I do not know why anyone would choose to be away from Him.

some of the thoughts from today...

Holiness isn't just for some elite few at the top... everyone is called to be holy.

God is making a Christlike version of all of us.

God breaks the power of sin in us..

My sinful nature does not have to rule me anymore, Christ's act upon the cross defeated that.

If I live in Christ, the power of sin is once and for all dealt with.

To be like Jesus, this hope possess me, in every thought and deed, this is my aim, my creed.

I have been washed by the blood of the Lamb of God, I am as white as snow on the inside.

My future is secure in HIM.

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Brengle ...3 (cont'd)


yesterday our morning worship included this clip, the url listed above...

please copy and paste it, and watch it... ( haven't fully worked out how to link it through this program)

watch it to the end, allow God to speak to your heart,


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Brengle ...3

Day 3 comes to a close soon and I wanted to share what I have gleaned today.. (that is for those who are interested) if you don't care, then I guess you wont be reading this blog...its also a bit for my own memory and reflection more than anything.

so today:

life has hiccups, at times things happen that cause a hiccup in your faith walk... keep going.

you are accepted... I am accepted by God. I don't need to live in guilt, its best to choose gratitude.

true motivation for the believer is gratitude.

you are loved, you are accepted, you are forgiven,.....

* Jesus keep me near the cross.

for it is at the cross, that I am loved, accepted, forgiven.....

C.S. Lewis... "forgiveness is a wonderful idea until you have to forgive."

when it comes to the forgiveness issue...practice forgetting.... is often when the healing begins.

stop talking about it the sin, the memory,the hurt, the feelings, and allow our healing to flow.

I think its important to understand that God loves us, and…


its been a good day, I have picked a few things today which have helped me.

I do feel blessed, I am having various random moments where I become overcome with emotion, as I sense the Holy Spirit touch my heart. not all the time, but at random moments as people are speaking,i am hearing God and feeling His hand upon my heart, I love it when the Lord does that.

God has called me, chosen me for a task that, at times..i just dont get it.

I am not fearful of my future, I guess I am just getting curious now.

I very much sense something happening inside my soul, cant quite put my finger on it, but it is happening, i just know.

some interesting things happened today which were intimidating but also affirming in some ways for me, and I am not thinking too much about it, but its hard to figure what God is saying sometimes....its important I think, to not clutch at straws...or make something of nothing...but then i think its also important, to not make nothing of something.

so I will just pray it thr…

Brengle... 1

Day 1...has been a special day for me, following on from a special night last night at S3064 church in our prayer meeting where a word of prophecy was spoken over my life, which was exactly what I needed to hear from the Lord, and an answer to my prayers. ( which only God knows about) No eagles this time, just a prophetic word in season.

so then, I was expecting something today and I was not disappointed.

Philippians 1:6 was the key verse for me today..... that God will continue what He has started in me, a follow on from my prophecy last night. Very important for me and I feel so blessed today. And its only day 1.

each Brengle delegate was given by the TC's of our territory, today, this pin (pictured above) as well as a special bronze desk icon of the same image which symbolizes much about Salvation Army Theology... the flag of TSA wrapped around the cross of Christ and bathed in the flames of the Holy Spirit.

Oh, I am thinking that my experience of Brengle will be special indeed…

This is the way..WALK IN IT !!!

And a highway will be there;
it will be called the Way of Holiness;
it will be for those who walk on that Way.
The unclean will not journey on it;
wicked fools will not go about on it.
No lion will be there,
nor any ravenous beast;
they will not be found there.
But only the redeemed will walk there,
and those the Lord has rescued will return.
They will enter Zion with singing;
everlasting joy will crown their heads.
Gladness and joy will overtake them,
and sorrow and sighing will flee away. (Isaiah 35 NIV)

when the Lord says to us, this is the way, walk in it, I believe it is more than just any old

invitation... its a challenge to leave the other way of walking behind. You know, leave the sinful path, and get onto the right path, the one that leads to righteousness...the one that leads to heaven, the path that leads to Jesus.

Have I always walked in His way ?

NO, of course not, none of us have really, but it is still the invitation that is given to everyone all the time.

Salvos3064 church

A Salvo church... I hope you don't mind me blogging this, but it's a huge part of my life, 12 years ago, Julie and I were asked to plant a Salvo church in Craigieburn, Victoria, Australia....

It's been tough going, it started with just our family and then some special friends, Jordan & Sarah coming to help us, and then we just worked hard.

Currently we have around 100 attending in the morning and 50 in the afternoon. Its no where close to what we had hoped to be by this stage but nevertheless, it's quite satisfying to have some kind of result after these long years.

I am placing a few pics here for you to see where, what it all looks like...

S3064 church/corps is a worshipping community that see's hundreds of people connected each and every week. It's Army...but we don't have bands and songster brigades, we are very contemporary and alive! And it's great fun, but it's also really hard work.

I love seeing people connect to Jesus and grow in their…