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And the Angels Sang...

Yesterday at our church in Craigieburn, as we sang the song ... "O come let us Adore Him, Christ the Lord ".... the sound of the singing started to get louder...goose bumps arrived on my skin, as they are now, as I reflect on it, and you could audibly hear the angels singing with us.

Some people will dismiss this as something other than the angels......but friends I am telling you it was the angels. A supernatural event.

I personally have experience with angels.... they are described in Hebrews as ministering spirits, sent to serve those who are inheriting salvation, so we should expect their presence in what we do, when its about Jesus and His people. I think its in 1 or 2 Peter, where it states that angels long to look into the things of the Kingdom...

People discount them, basically out of ignorance.

There was a day in my ministry when 2 angels appeared to me on the bonnet of my car as I travelled to meet with a new family I was leading to Jesus. This happened in Ta…

The Critics !!!!!

"When You Get Kicked in the Rear,                                              You Know You’re out in Front ""When you’re at the front of the pack, everything you do attracts attention. Criticism comes with the
territory. Regardless of position or profession, all leaders undergo criticism and must learn to handle it
constructively. Whether the criticism has legitimacy or not, a leader’s attitude determines whether he
grows from it or groans under it.

When spectators watch a race, where do they focus their attention ? 

On the front runners !

Few people pay close attention to the racers who are out  of contention. 

Racers who are viewed as being out of the running are often ignored or dismissed, but when you are out front and ahead of the crowd every thing you do attracts attention. "

(From Leadership Gold,   John Maxwell)

- its hard to get kicked in the rear if everyone else is in front of you . - we  often criticize what we are ignorant of, or don't understand. - it…

what can happen in a few seconds.

Last night after a wonderful day in church, I went for my daily walk. as I was walking along the road, 2 motorbikes came screaming up the intersection near me, revving their bikes like no ones business, and sped off up the street at some astronomical rate of knots.

Dodging traffic and going as fast as I have ever seen any bike go, - gone..... a few moments later, as I continued my walk, I could see some commotion up ahead and there laying on the ground, one of those bikes and its rider that had slammed into the back of a parked holden commodore, shunting it forward up a curb by about a metre.

As the rider was picking himself up, bloodied and hurt... and his mangled bike, I walked past. Many people had come out of their homes nearby to his aid and his fellow bike rider was assisting.

I pondered....why do bike riders ride like this, thinking their lives are indestructible.?

A lot can happen in a few seconds. A life can be changed, a family shattered, loved ones left to grieve and wo…

Hearing from God or who ?

I spent some awesome time today with a mentor/friend, who spoke straight into my heart today.

You know, here is the general gist of what was said...

people come up to you and speak all sorts of stuff into your life, some of it sticks to your spirit like glue and its not always positive. I was sharing with Wayne, how yesterday someone spoke some stuff at us, about our future, which was pretty much less than Godly. in fact it damaged us.

I loved the response from Wayne, "we want people speaking Godly wisdom into our lives, stuff that is from God that stretches and lifts us, stuff that is God given never squashes you down ".

The challenge is to redirect, the stuff, that is not from God, and deflect it.

If it is from God it will not squash you down or diminish you, it will lift you and enlarge and encourage you.

the stuff we got yesterday was way less than Godly.

and it hurts.

In ministry, people place demands upon you, expectations and their own agenda.

The kind of ministry I am i…