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Function with Unction.

unc·tion[uhngk-shuhn]Show IPAnoun 1.anactofanointing,especiallyasamedicaltreatmentorreligious rite. 2.anunguentorointment;salve. 3.somethingsoothingorcomforting. 4.anexcessive,affected,sometimescloyingearnestnessorfervor in manner,especiallyinspeaking. 5.Religion. a.theoilusedinreligiousrites,asinanointingthesickor dying. b.thesheddingofadivineorspiritualinfluenceuponaperson. c.theinfluenceshed. d.extreme unction. ( thanks

Jesus Loves you

It's Sunday afternoon, and it is time to unwind, and reflect on this mornings worship service.

I felt it was pretty good, considering that close on 100 people were away today, either in Perth or taking the advantage of the long weekend here in Melbourne.

Nevertheless, church must go on, and it did, and it was special being with others who gathered to worship Jesus.

I love church, I don't love the politics and squabbles that often come in churches, but for the most part, the church inspires me. I love it that I am called to the local church.

I don't think for one moment that I am brilliant as a pastor or officer, but I do give it a crack and my best.
Here is a link to today's sermon...podcast...

Currently I am reading a GHC book called Crossing over, by Paul Scanlon...

It is a very good book and it is helping me grapple with what I need to get, to be able to take
Ringwood where God may wish us to go.

I fully recommend it to you, you…

The challenge for the modern Salvo

I get to thinking, from time to time, that these days are challenging for the modern Salvo.

Are they any more challenging than other days or what our historical forefathers of TSA           experienced ?  probably not ... but certainly the times that we live in and minister in are more complicated than then, in many ways.

take the drama of homosexuality, and Gay Marriage and the can of worms it is to even start speaking about whether it is right or wrong, especially in the church.

what about political correctness ?

and  trying to get people into church and the debate that arises about even that....

whether we are meant to be a church or an Army ? can we be both ?

and let's not get started about worship style, or generational worship, what songs we sing, or dont, whether it be traditional or contemporary...  in the church / Army... !!!


Sometimes its just all too hard, and sometimes I feel we get caught …