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Dangerous comments for the Salvos (take 2)

Without any doubt my most visited blog entry was the one I made about this topic on February 25th..this year.

this blog entry had in excess of 500 hits over a 2 week period, the most of any of my blog entries at any time since I have been blogging.

I have pondered why that is....

one reason is perhaps people thought I was going to be a  heretic and bag TSA out.
perhaps others wondered what I was going to say that was just so dangerous.  who knows....

I guess when it comes to TSA we all have our opinions, hopes and dreams and thoughts.

as a leader I hear them all the time, especially if I make  a decision to do something that is a little out there.

everyone is entilted to their opinion, even if their opinion isnt correct.
(even me, you too !!!!)

sometimes its best to keep your opinions to yourself, you know, wait to be asked and all that, and at other times, injustice demands that we speak up and suffer the consequences of our opinions being spoken.

there are some pretty hot potatoes …

An Attractive Distraction !!!!

Saturday Morning July 13th....

I often come down to the church office to get some work done on Saturday mornings, as I dont get interupted and its quiet and there are no distractions.

Life is full of distractions.

Things that happen to you,  or around you, that cause you  to get off track, out of focus and even confused.

not all distractions are ugly !!!!

from a spiritual perspective, often the reason why people fall and fail in their spiritual journey is because of a very attractive distraction.

but I am not writing today to speak of that.... 

I wonder if we ever think or long for an attractive distraction from God the Holy Spirit.?

if we ever put ourselves into a position where we desire so much after Him that we find oursleves distracted away from the mundane and ordinary....  and into the supernatural.  ?????

now just quietly.... over my short life of 53 years I have had my fair share of inappropriate distractions. I have made ample enough mistakes to last a lifetime, I know it, Jul…

I can't stop crying .....

What a week I am having. I can't stop crying. All the revelation and truth and reminders and prophecy and restoration ....I am being renewed and refreshed, blessed and overwhelmed. God has taken me to a whole new level this past couple of days and it just keeps rolling.So many people in the local church, mine, probably yours as well, (and hopefully not you personally) criticize so much and so often. If its not worship style, or the loudness of the music,or media, or uniforms,or the words you say, or labeling you as an exaggerator or something else.... It seems to me that there are more that have a critical spirit than those who don't !Yet Jesus is here, and He strengthens us and blesses us. Why would we willingly choose to be critical of anything about the Kingdom. ???Perhaps its jealousy, or maybe even envy, perhaps its a competitive attitude .....I dunno, but one thing I do know, Hillsong is not to be criticized, but rather blessed and thanked for bringing thousands of pe…