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Seriously, this is about YOU !!!!! Read it ...

Have you ever put yourself down ? Thought you were worse than someone else?Inferior or a lesser person ?There have been times in my life when I have observed other officers/pastors around me, and I have felt lesser, not as good, inferior to them. I am not sure they have made me feel that way, even though I know there are people out there who do have a habit of doing that. Heaven help me, if I have ever done that to anyone else. But sometimes I have felt inadequate, pathetic, weak, incapable, and unworthy to be an officer, and certainly not as good as others. Perhaps you have felt that too. Or Have you ever thought you were better than someone else ? Thought you were superior to someone else ?It's not often that I think I am better than others, its a very big danger to see yourself as better, or superior. We all know what it feels like when we come up against someone who functions as " superior " or thinks he is better than us.It is very true that some have certain gif…

Slip Up !!!! ????

I havent had the chance to blog for a few weeks, having caught a good dose of winter flu, knocked me for six.... actually quite a few of us have the flu presently, and now I cant stop coughing.

I have been interested today by the number of home remedies people are telling me of,  I was aware of and have used the old honey and lemon concoction , but some of these other new ones are ...hmmm  interesting. ( and by interesting  I mean, scary ( not to touch !!!!!!! )

anyway.... each day feels a little better, hopefully soon... I will be free of the little bug inside me.

I have been pondering the "bug" ... the virus that somehow manages to bring us down, put us in bed, raise up a fever, give us the shakes.... and stop us from living out, our normal life.

it doesnt take much does it ?

It was so nasty last week I couldn't even get to church.... I hate it when that happens.

Catching a virus, or a flu bug usually happens by contact with someone else who already  has it.  The…