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Is it possible for people to be saved in the modern day Salvation Army. ?

I recently heard that there are people around who simply don't believe its possible for TSA to get people saved. Now I know this will cause some angst amongst readers of this blog and it should. It rattled me. However if we haven't seen any salvations recently, then we need to take stock and ask ourselves why that is.We need to think about that... Have we lost our passion ? For the lost, the last and the least ?Our intention ? Our purpose ? Our motivation ?
Have we become too comfortable, too self reliant upon our own traditions and ideals ?
I seriously believe that anyone who states that it is impossible for people to be saved in the modern salvo church in Australia these days,is actually making a statement of faith and belief in a God who can do impossible things. Its more a statement of the persons opinion and lack of faith than it is about us or our God. ( in my opinion )But it is a challenge that needs to be addressed and thought through.
I was saved in the Salvation Army. …

The biggest storm in the earth.

I sit here in the local Ford dealership, waiting for them to look at the brakes on my car. Just pondering the world as it goes on around me.A huge storm is hitting the Phillipines as I sit here, and our Melbourne weather is playing its games again! hot one day freezing the next. Our world is changing .... And dramatic things happen all the time don't they ? You have to feel for the people of the Phillipines.... Wind gusts up to 380km/hour. They say its the biggest storm on the earth.Climatic Storms come and go, and sometimes other kinds of storms come into our emotions and family life and relationships, our work.... And people struggle their way through them.Looking for the calm, and peace in our life storms, is often hard to find. I don't know how you feel in these kinds of storms, but when they happen to me, I just want to curl up under a rock and hide and hope it all will just go away.This morning I got the blessing of my life when a storm I had prayed about, was dealt wit…