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I am feeling unwell today. Not sure why. But it has caused me to rest a heap and stop and just ponder life.The last couple of days have been interesting. I posted this link on Facebook from Dr Ravi Zacharias, one of the great men of a God of our era, and all I did was post the words, "interesting and helpful" And boy, did I not half cop it after that. It intrigues me, that one is not entitled to believe certain things without fear of condemnation from others. ( and yes it does go both ways, and btw, I wasn't condemning anyone, I just said that it was interesting and helpful for me )The fact is that I have studied my bible, and studied the translations of the main key verse, that supports my worldview, and is readily available to all people in the church, yet some in the church, cannot seem to see it. Or are choosing to reject it. ( if you wish to know the key verse, PM me)Now I am generally ok with that, except for one main thing.... If you are a Christian, the…

2014 approaches !!!

Do you remember the time when we wondered what would happen when the year 2000 rolled over ?I remember it well, there were all these concerns about the millennium bug and what would happen if infrastructure just shut down.... If Planes dropped out of the sky....all sorts of worries back then. I was called in to a serious community local council meeting in Tassie, that we could form some kind of preliminary strategy in readiness...just in case. That was 14 years ago. Nothing happened, but we were ready anyway.And now we approach another new year.For many, a sad year. Approaching it with deep sadness in their lives, over loss and pain. For those people I feel such love and compassion and prayer, I hope that they ( maybe you) will start sensing peace, and a lessening of the pain. I wish I could help you in that.Others will approach the year making all kinds of New Years resolutions and setting goals and optimistically believing That this new year will just be better than our last. I…