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Persecution, Prayer, Passion, Purpose

During this past week, I heard of some churches around the world, in some pretty hairy places where God is moving in mighty ways. These churches are characterized by strong prayer.... Not just once a week but daily and for huge chunks of time at a time.....prayer. They are also churches where it is dangerous to be a Christian, in other words you can be put to death for speaking the name of Christ. But these people are passionate fired up Christ followers living their lives with purpose and intention. And God is powerfully evident in their gatherings, and their churches are huge, and growing stronger daily. In places and countries you wouldn't even believe it.We also heard that they are praying for the church in the west. US.Whilst we pray that they won't be persecuted, they are praying that we will be. For it is in the persecution that something amazing seems to happen in their prayers and faith.They see the western church as weak and powerless..... You will need to decide …

Never, Never, Ever !!!!!!!!!!!

As the year speeds on, I can barely believe we are nearly into the 3rd month already. I am well aware of the huge issues facing our lives. Not just mine, but most likely yours also.For all of us, these issues can affect our faith, as well as our hope.Not sure what you are facing, but I am hugely aware of my own impending challenges.Don't misunderstand me, I trust God totally.... It's just that I want and need answers now. I just need to know that all will be well, that we will make it through.You ever feel like that ?Let me unpack it for you .... (maybe I am just unpacking it for me....) who knows, need to get it off my chest and out of my mind somehow.... Currently we are leading a huge growing church that is starting to find a renewed sense of release and God activity has turned up the heat. New ministries. New challenges. Positions to fill. Facilities not big enough. Changing culture. ....... And some same old issues with those who will not be moved.So ministry wise, the…

Where do you come from ?

The other day I met someone for the first time, and I found myself asking them, where do you come from ?
Now this person was from South Korea, so in some ways its fair enough, but it got me thinking about where we all come from ?
I come from Perth, Western Australia, I was born in Busselton, a beautiful place.... But we all come from somewhere, but when you think about it, isn't it a weird question ?
I think a possible better question may be, where are you heading ?
We are all heading some place, even if we are not really sure where that is, or how to get there.

Is it offensive to ask someone where they came from ?
Is it offensive to ask someone where they are going ?

In a country like Australia where there are loads of people who have come from loads of various places, it's not uncommon to ask the question. Sometimes we are surprised by the answer and a real dialogue of conversation commences.

But with the other question, a whole pile of opportunity also exists.

I wonder…