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My Life is about to change !!!!

I have had many changes in my life, (in no particular order)......... the day I got married, started work, had kids, left home, went into ministry, bought my first car... and of course some of the big mistakes in my life changed me as well.So, for me, and for Jules, life is about to change big time... our daughters will both be married within the next couple of months. The first wedding is in less than one month and the next 6 weeks after, and for the first time in 28 years we will be empty nesters. it will no doubt take some adjusting.... and more than likely, a few tears as well.we love our girls and we will miss them, even though they wont be living very far away from us for a while, but life is about to change.there could be loads of things I could mention, like routines, and the normal life issues that every family faces, but for us, its a pretty big year.I am not complaining...just blogging !!!!!here is what it looks like... 4 weeks to the first wedding.
3 weeks after that we…

I have a dream !!!

I dream of  a day when things will not be as they currently are.

what do you dream of ?     You being famous ?     or you making Christ famous ?

changing the world ?  making it a better place ?

I want to share with you, some of the things I dream about these days, these things shape my prayers, and my choices everyday, they lead me... closer to Jesus.

I dream:

when the Salvation Army will be a huge growing church that impacts the nation and shapes local community.

when prayer meetings in TSA are the best attended meetings every week. Packed with hungry Christian ( Salvo's)  seeking Gods heart.

when Gods power is evidenced amongst us in tangible ways, with people being healed and set free and delivered and transformed right before our very eyes, and this is common  and normal amongst us.

when the church stops picking on, and criticizing the church. (not just our church)

when I am consistent all the time with in my own life.

when the queues are so long to get into church every Sunda…