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a personal, yet public blog...(my mixed feelings today)

It's finally here, Mel and Bryce's wedding. (its wedding eve). I have so many mixed emotions, anxious, joyous, proud, privileged, blessed, concerned, nervous, excited, content and yet unsettled.Why ?we have been on this amazing journey over the past few years and in many ways it all culminates tomorrow.Bryce (if you should somehow read this) you are the best thing that ever happened to Mel. Thanks mate for your faithfulness, patience, love, grace and commitment. You are truly awesome. I know that your life has become complicated in a few ways, but you have weathered that storm, and you will be stronger as a result of that. You are precious to Jules and I. We are proud to welcome you into our family as our son in law. We love you man, you are just amazing. Mel,(I doubt you will read this, but doesn't matter if you do or dont) I am so proud of you (both) but Mel you have come so far, I love you very much. I am proud to be your dad, and yeah I know we are exactly the same …

TobyMac - Speak Life

One of our little guys from Ringwood came up to me on Sunday and said I would really like this
song...and he was right, so thought I'd share it with you here.... enjoy !!!

STOP. !!!!!!!! it's all about the heart.

What is more important than ability ? Heart attitude.What is more crucial than skill ? Heart attitude.What is more important than good looks ? Heart attitude. ( although good looks helps is more vital than wealth ? or knowledge ? Heart is what is going on in the heart of a person that shines through. out of the mouth of a person, shows what is going on in their heart.I would rather have the right heart than anything else. recently .... I have discovered about myself, that others can try and squeeze you into a mold. You know, do what they expect of you to do. Be who they expect you to be, and when you start living your life that way, you become false and fake... not measuring up to anyones expectations, and worse still, falling short of who you were created to be. And the greatest danger of all, missing the mark on who God asks us to be.Missing the mark, is sin. It's the best defintion of sin I know...................................................…