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Motion Sickness

Where am I headed, and what are the great questions that will challenge me along the way?
What kind of a person am I becoming as a result of this journey?
What does God expect of me as I run the race?
What have I been equipped to accomplish?
What can I give?
I can’t live with Alice’s perspective on the journey: “I don’t much care where . . .” But I do aspire to Merton’s: ask me what I’m living for, and ask me what gets in the way.I am currently ploughing my way through the book, " The Resilient Life", by Gordon MacDonald. It's a great book...It is a book that has sat on my shelf, and in the "not yet read" category. and boy am I glad I am reading it now, its really helping me.The above questions/statements are from Chapter 6, and they are amazing questions and I strongly suggest that all leaders read this book. You can get it from Amazon Kindle for around $10... as an EBook.I reckon one of the biggest issues facing Christians today is these unanswered questions.…

For My Officer / Pastor Mates and anyone else who is interested in the Kingdom of God.

A key member of our Ministry Team here at Ringwood shared this with me this afternoon.
It was good to read it again.

In light of my last Blog entry...  it seems fitting to share this as an encouragement to you to keep at it.

to not give up when it gets too hard. of if you havebeen treated or spoken to unfairly  or hurtfully.

to persevere, to remain faithful, to preach truth, to be courageous.

I love it that I have mates around me, Great Salvo Officers who are slogging it out in the battle for the Kingdom, fellow co workers, who Love Jesus and desire to serve Him and win others for Him.

Take these words,  attributed to Archbishop Oscar Romero who was assasinated for his service to the Kingdom, take them ...let these words speak into your spirit and being, and allow Gods Holy Spirit to strengthen you deeply within.

.....  Oscar Romero (1917–1980)....

A Future Not Our Own 
It helps now and then to step back and take a long view.
The Kingdom is not only beyond our efforts,
it i…

What is wrong with the church ?

The other day I good friend and colleague confided in me that he had been receieving hate mail. People being mean, nasty, rude, and basically wanting him to just be gone. It was very sad hearing this from him, for he is a good man, a great leader, a passionate follower of Jesus and a really genuine and sincere bloke for Jesus. So why does the church have to be so nasty towards their leaders ? It isnt right, in any situation or in any church.Officers, pastors, are sent people, people who usually have given up their lives to follow Jesus, to do their best, not alwasy getting it right, coz not one of us are perfect... we are all just trying our hardest to do our best at what has been asked of us to do.For me, the church must not be like this... but sometimes it is. People who are sinners are in our churches, who have not yet surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and as such they are an open opportunity for the devil to use them.There are always loads of cliches or catchphrases…