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ICO 5 - Something is up !!!!

I cant help but wonder, what is next in my life. I sense something, but am unsure exactly what. I am unsure whether its a new call, a revived one, or that God is laying before me the possibilities of His (new) plans for my life. But something is happening deeply inside me.I am not alone, other delegates are also expressing similar thoughts.It's obscure I know... and I can't actually articulate it, very well...but something is going on, something is up in my spirit.I am excited by what I feel, please remember this blog is just an opportunity for me to get my thoughts out and feelings out in some kind of blog-o-sphere, so that I can vent for myself... and not think too deeply about what is going on in my world. ( which mind you there is a fair bit right now)Let me try and express it...It started yesterday when we were discussing world evangelization and where the Army is and isnt in the world, and where it could be started.Today it continued with Servant Leadership discussions …

ICO 4.... (what a day, today turned out to be)

( yes I know I am blogging a lot, but there is a lot happening in me... everyday something new)This morning we split up into 3 groups and went to worship at 3 different corps/churches around London, our group went to a very small corps near Heathrow airport, and whilst it was very small... we were blessed in many ways by the sincerity and authenticity of worship in that place. Actually I loved it. Uncomplicated, Innocent, Simple and Plain..... ( just 27 people present including 9 of us from ICO).......This afternoon at ICO we gathered together with General John Larsson and Commissioner Freda Larsson, and we were ministered to by them and God the Holy Spirit.For me it was incredibly special for many of these songs written by General John Gowans and General John Larsson, have helped shape me over the years in my spiritual life and calling.We sang songs today that were written by these Army greats, and I was once again touched …


A few things are happening within me at the moment, one of them is the incredible feeling of inadequacy as well as unworthiness.The ICO experience and journey is now 11 days into a 40 day process. Today we had a day off and I had chance to just be alone and ponder myself, and what God is doing inside me, and I am pleased with what God is doing in me. It needs to be done.The truth is I feel a whole pile of things, some will be completely misunderstood if I mention them, but for this blog to make sense I need to mention them....I am called to be an Officer in The Salvation Army, this has been reinforced in and confimred again in me and I needed that. In previous years, this has been knocked around a bit, I dont know why I allowed that to happen, but it did. My Calling is key in my life, and whilst not everyone around me understands that, or agrees with my style of ministry and passions and thoughts and methods, my last 18 years or so of ministry have proven a few things, but also... I…


It feels like I have been here a lot longer than one week. In fact the ICO only started on Wednesday last week, so its not even yet a week... but in that (almost)week, I have made some friends, that it feels like I have known for a very long time. The truth is, there is a very strong bond that ties us together, we are all like minded, having similar interests and most certainly the key thing... is our love for Jesus. There are 33 of us plus 2 translators and staff, we come from all around the world. None of us asked to come, we were sent.We all recognise our privilege. We all are humbled by our opportunity. ........Yesterdays Worship service and then combined prayer meeting at night was indeed very special. Worshipping alongside Officers from all around the world in single minded purpose, but with multiple languages, and then witnessing and sharing in a deep time of recommitment and prayer was just out of this world. It was so very special to me. So, the experience continues. I ha…


This is the first of a few blog entries I may make recording my time at ICO: There wont be any set order or day of blogging, just when I feel led to. ( this may end up being the only entry )I know there are a few curious people about my facebook status entry last here it is: ( just to embarrass myself some more) - we had a great meal with the Zonal commissioners and the Chief of Staff, were now in a meeting in the Chapel, we had our introductions of who we were and where we came from... done some worshipping, and praying and the Chief of the Staff ( No 2 Salvo leader in the world) is up and preaching. I am sitting second row, and start to feel nausea and clammy and feel I am about to ether chuck on the floor, or faint on the floor, either of which would be most unsatisfactory.... the room is stuffy, we are all in full blues, its cold outside but really hot inside and I am gone, so I just have to get out of the room ...meaning I need to excuse myself in front of the Chief,…