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ICO 8 - The Lessons of ICO ( Final)

It's all over, ( well nearly )..... just a bible study and the final ceremonies...and that is it for session 224.I can barely believe it. AND actually in some ways I am quite sad.Now before I get too far into this blog, I am happy to be catching up with Jules and being reunited and then travelling home, I love my family and miss them more than words can express. So..let's be clear about that, but I am going to miss this experience and the new friendships I have formed.every night at the end of our ICO progran we would share in what we called the "Tunnocks Lounge", these were amazing nights of bonding and chatting and recounting the days activities, laughing often til we could laugh no more.... eating Tunnocks chocolates, drinking coffee, and just being around each other. This was very very good. and I will miss it. (more than words can say)Lesson 1: I havent laughed as much as this in years, perhaps I had forgotten how to laugh ? Maybe... it certainly feels l…

ICO 7 - Vulnerability and Opposition

There is nothing like being away from home and your Ministry appointment to gain perspective and insight. I know God called me, its just that He never told me just how difficult ministry would actually be, especially when opposition comes to the cause that God called you to. - And to the way in which He hardwired me and created me. You know, my inner most thoughts and ideas and ways, and dreams and hopes and vision.Now in fairness to Him, if we all knew just how tough it could become, there's a pretty good chance many of us would never have signed up in the first place. Truth be known, I may not have. It raises many questions in my mind.... some of which have no answers really. Opposition from within the movement vs opposition from outside of the movement ?Being true to the Call, true to yourself even if there are some terrified of you and the way you lead and the character you have ?Is it fair ? No. Is it true ? Yes.One of my key goals is being addressed in these last couple of …

ICO 6 - Listening, My very public confession.

Today we were taken on this very short journey by Major Widiawati Tampai (ICO Staff Officer) all about listening prayer. Now I know about listening to God, I try to do that. And before you cast judgement on this blog, - do you personally listen to God enough ? NO.. do You ?So....Here's a confession, I dont listen to God enough. I am choosing to change that right now !As we sat and contemplated the words of Widi today, good solid words, that one might expect to hear in a place like this, I became aware again of Gods voice speaking into my spirit. Now line that up with the book I am currently reading "Simplify" by Bill Hybels, and a few things are screaming at me about my private spiritual and personal life.I get it !!!! and feel like saying to God you dont have to yell.... but then some of us yell at Him all the time when we are praying dont we ?when things dont go our way ?when we dont get what we want ?I think sometimes I have been guilty of thinking God must be …