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Why are some people so unkind ?

I reckon I have pretty much seen it all, people who treat others with contempt and abuse, and hurt... and I have seen people who ignore others, disown them, try to push them aside, dont even ackowledge them.I dont know why people treat others like that, especially so when they claim faith.You know, claim to belong to Christ.Christians can never treat others like that and never should...ever... in no circumstances ever, yet it happens and we have all been on the receiving end of it. I hate it when I see it happen to others, and of course I hate it when it happens to me personally.And I hope I have never done that to anyone, but I guess I am as guilty as the next guy with this and if I have ever done that to you, I apologise now for it (to you). sorry. truly I am.I have met some amazing people and I have met some nasty ones too. I dont understand though how anyone can behave the way they do when they claim to know Jesus.Maybe thats the issue.... do we really know Jesus, or do we only …

Life is pretty interesting right now !!!!

Sometimes I feel like everything I have aspired to, is just passing me by.Sometimes I feel like I have missed out on what God had planned for my life, due to my shortcomings, failures and the circumstances of my life.When I became an Officer I was idealistic, I had great dreams and high hopes for my future, and tonight as I sit here and write this blog I feel like somehow I have missed it. That somehow, I have missed out on what I had dreamt of, and what I still dream of.Its true I am facing some fairly big challenges right now in my life, and I guess I just wonder and ponder that maybe I have run my race and this is it, and this is all there is. Maybe for me, this was all there was ever going to be.I look at some close friends around me, making a huge difference to the World and for TSA and I am so proud of them, and secretly wish I was them, or with them. I am not envious or covetous of them, just proud of them living it out at the highest degree, impacting the world in signific…