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Risky Business - Go out on a limb, that's where the fruit is.

I am currently reading the biography, "My Journey so far - Andrew White" the Vicar of Baghdad. It is a great read, complex in places and challenging in others, and to start this blog entry I quote from chapter 18.. A few quotes:The chapter is titled: "Don't Take Care; Take Risks".Andrew then goes on to quote President Jimmy Carter who said: "Go out on a limb - that's where the fruit is".I love it... We all know that the fruit that is best is hardest to reach's out there, where it is hardest to pick. I remember this apricot tree that used to be in my neighbours yard a few years ago... It's branches always hung over our back fence and I would go out and collect some of the fruit from our side of the fence, but I also noticed that the yummiest looking apricots were too high up the tree for me to reach (still on my side of the fence) but I couldn't get was too risky. As I read the first part of this chapter this morning i…

Officership and My Calling... " The King of Calvary" .

I have been on holiday for a number of weeks now, actually we go back to work ( whatever that is now for us) on Monday next week.We needed this rest, I am feeling really on top of things, and pretty much back to I am ready to go back to work. We have set up our new home, and even though it feels like we are house sitting and it isn't truly our home ...well it's weird I must say. This blog entry today comes from a deep sense within me about my life's purpose and calling is also motivated a little by some fairly negative comments that I deleted about my last blog entry.In my blogging experience over these past years I have noticed that some people cannot encourage. All they can do is discourage and put down others. They can't seem to find anything good, only finding fault.My daughter summed it up well recently..."wolves in sheeps clothing". There are a lot of these kinds of people around. I don't think these people are bad ..necessarily, j…