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This one will no doubt get me into trouble !!! Sorry !

As the title suggest this blog entry may get me into trouble, and I don't want to be in trouble, but was so challenged last week by what I observed and felt in my spirit that I sensed I just needed to write it out really.

So a few disclaimers.

It's not about you personally.... And it's not about my is a generalization,  and if the truth of it affects you, then please deal with it somehow yes, but don't be angry at me for sensing what God is saying to me.  If I were to be truthful, the best way to describe this blog, is.... It's about me, and my relationships with my parents.

So here goes......

This blog is about my thoughts on abandoned kids. (in ministry and beyond)

I guess it never really happened to me so much, as I was too young, my parents were officers also when I was very young..... but what does a kid do when their parents abandon them ? Or move away from them ? Or in ministry they are removed from the church where everyone seemingly is happy  a…

Soul ..... !!! So what ?

I have started reading the book " Soul Keeping " by John Ortberg and it is having a fairly significant impact on the way I am thinking about myself.

I am unsure that I have ever really thought about my soul too much. Other than giving my heart to Jesus when I was way younger and doing my best to live my life for Jesus ever since... I have found out a few home truths which are challenging me and also encouraging me.

My blog entries are mostly about my thoughts about what God is doing in and around me, but this particular blog entry is more about what He is doing deeply inside me right now. And it's been very good so far.

I am loving it, I really like what I am learning.

Can I ask you, when was the last time you did some deep soul searching and soul surgery and knew that it was just good ?  Well that's what is happening inside me.

Ortbergs book is laced with quotes from Dallas Willard and it's very helpful.

One such quote: " it's more important who you bec…