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Stuck in a rut !!! Choose to get out !!!

I have done it and so have you ...and so has everyone else around you, even if they wont admit it they have,we all have. Its stupid and we feel stupid afterwards, at times we are embarrassed and ashamed, even disgusted in ourselves, and sometimes we feel trapped by it as well. can bet your bottom dollar that every single person on the planet has at one time or the other made a silly choice and stupid decision.

Whether it was the first drink of booze, and now you are an alcoholic, whether it was the first look at porn and now you are addicted to it, whether it was a silly relationship choice, or perhaps a wrong career path, maybe even you took something that didn't belong to you, and suffer the consequences of that one point in your life and certainly mine, we have all made a stupid mistake and now suffer the consequences of that choice.

You can be certain that every choice has a consequence... it always does, one way or the other.

There are a couple of other …

When God whispers into your ear !

Earlier this week I attended a discipleship practicum in Harrington NSW, led by some Officers from Sydney, it was a good time, meeting Salvo Officers from QLD and NSW and spending some time with our Territorial Mission Resource Secretary (Major Graham Roberts -a great man of God) from Melbourne.

After a tumultous journey out of Melbourne and into Port Macquarie, what should have taken us 3 hours to get there, took us basically 12 hours.  So before we even started I was exhausted.

Anyway all that to just put into context the few days we had together in Harrington, culminating with a prayer and ministry time together on Tuesday night where words of Prophecy were spoken for various people in the room as well as very personal and meaningful prayer.

So what does one do when God speaks to you, deeply, intimately and timely through the words of prophecy ?  Well I think the first thing you do is pay attention . The second thing you do is work out what it means and how it applies to your pres…