Being a Significant leader.

I haven't blogged for a little while and I thought I would just jot down some thoughts today that are going through my head.

These thoughts arise out of a busy week...with a mixture of great stuff as well as some not so great stuff, which is what it is like in ministry and has been for the past 22 years or so.

As I conclude my quiet time today I am drawn to think about a good friend of mine who is involved in a significant ministry and is making some key differecnes to those around him. In fact his future ministry is looking very exciting and he will end up being a world changer for some people who need a change in their world. (For Jesus that is )

It leads me to think about what is " A Significant Ministry ".. what does it mean to be a man or woman of significance ?

Well in man's eyes, we make judgements on this very issue all the time, I am not sure how we come to some conclusions around whether a person is significant or not, but I do know this, anyone who chooses to lay down their life to serve the Master and His Kingdom, in HIS eyes , is significant.

Jesus said, whoever wants to be great must be servant of all.... its a hard thing, isnt it ?

We are not always that keen to be a servant to everyone... and let's just clarify that it's not about being a slave or a doormat to everyone, but rather to think about others before ourselves, to see what we can do to help others, to lift them, to encourage them, to add value to them.  I am not so good at this, and still working on it in my own life.

Am I a Christian leader of Significance  ? (Well dont answer that !)

In some ways, no way...especially when in comparison to many around me who are.

And I guess that's where we get unstuck... we compare ourselves to those around us, we look at others and think I could never be like them, or do what they do, or think the way they think... when at the end of the day we were never asked to be like anyone else, we were asked to live our lives like Jesus. And to be like Him, and thats the way to be significant, if that is a goal to be aimed at.

But at that very level we must understand that Jesus said He was servant of all. And there is arguably no one more significant than what He was and is.

There are times when others make you feel insignificant, and devalued and thats a sad place to be placed. When we look for affirmation and it doesn't come, when we are overlooked for something we would love to have a crack at, and it is given to someone else, when we want to make a name for ourselves and the ones in power cant see it in you, these are all times of discouragement and devalue...

All you can do...all that any of us can do, is seek to serve the King, and find our meaning and the definition of our life in Him.

And thats makes us all significant.

Just a thought.


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