This is sure to offend someone...( and I am not that sorry about it)

In my quiet time this morning, as I sit quietly and reflect upon my life and what I see and sense around me these days, I must confess I have some concerns ...things that worry me, even frighten me.

I apologise if this blog offends you, but I guess if you dont want to be offended you could always stop reading right now and go away ...(lol).  That's up to you...  !!!!

I sit in my prayer room, looking at my books, many of which have changed my view on life and ministry...people who have gone before me, people wiser than I am, with loads of experience in leading church and changing church for the Kingdom of Gods sake.

I want my life to count for something, that when I die, that I might have made a difference to something, someone ..somewhere.  I tried to write a book, but never got it finished.... and my life is heading towards its end, 57 years of age, I may have 30 years left in me, at best.

Life is short there are rumors of war and some crazy bloke up north who wants to annialate us all by dropping a bomb on innocent people for some stupid reason, we have a crazy group of people running around chopping off peoples heads and Christians are hot targets.  Its truly only a matter of time before Australia is gripped with fear over terrorism on our shores.

And so here comes the offensive bit.... ( your last chance to go away )

Many people I know, and some obviously who I don't know have given up hope, they have got bored and started to disbelieve, even doubt that God exists. Turning their back on church and Christ.  And yet thats where our hope truly lays. I would hate it to see anyone pass from the his life to the next  having rejected Jesus only to find out that they were wrong.

Its kind of like the ANZACS having fought for our freedom, only discovered that our freedom was lost because of political correctness and opposition to our way of life after they had died for their country . ( well maybe it's nothing like that at all )

Jesus came to the earth, His life sacrificed for our sin, that when we choose Him, we have a promise of eternal life after we die. With Him.

Many people get caught up in an emotional response to this truth and in a fleeting moment they commit to Him, but when the life dished up gets tough, they turn from Him and run away and give up on Him.

Our promise as Christ followers is that I once we die we will be with the Lord.  End of story. Or beginning of the story.  Depending on your theology, whatever.... my belief is that when I die I will live with the Lord Jesus forever, and I just want others to have that truth for themselves also.

My friends, my family, Salvos... everyone...  and yet, many will miss it, completely for they have built their life on an insipid human foundation that isnt enough to get them into heaven.

We dont want talk about it do we, its not politically correct, it offends scares, it disturbs us, it messes with all kinds of issues when we start disturbing stuff here on earth with Kingdom speak.

But say that bloke does just drop a bomb and in an instant its over for many of us, ......are we ready for  what is on the other side of the grave ?  Truly ready ?  Would we be happy if we had it wrong about Jesus on the other side of the grave ?

Well my rant is pretty much over, but I will finish by saying this....  it's not too late to lay down your life for Jesus, to accept Him into your heart and allow Him to rule your heart.  It might just change everything for you, it did for me.

If I am wrong...well I am wrong... but what if I am right ? What then ?

Where are you sitting. These days.

If you got this far reading this blog, well well done to you,  I am not done challenging... yet,

many of us have started building our lives based on human goals, on this worlds ideals and not a slight thought given to a creator God who sent His Son to die for us that we might have life forever more.

We live for the moment and hardly give any thought to what lays beyond the grave... but friends thats what counts most of all.

Think about it today, make some changes,... trust Jesus.

As I finish this blog today I wanted to send you a link to help encourage your spirit... if you have come this far, in the blog... you might as well take a listen and be blessed by Gods people singing about HIM.

Its all about Jesus. Always has been and always will be.



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