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What an opportunity exists !!!

If ever there was a time in Australia right now for the Christian church to stand up and make a difference, now is that time.  It's perfect. 

 Yet here is the serious dilemma.
We most likely will stay silent, and do nothing.

I often wonder about myself and others when I consider these kinds of opportunities and pose a few questions of my own. Maybe its an internal struggle, maybe its apathy, maybe its lethargy, but it could also be likely that it is because we are too concerned about our reputation or image and we simply dont want to confront sin anymore or confront sinners and get conflict. Is it possible that we have simply opted for the easy way, the comfortable and non confrontational approach to ministry and mission and are awaiting people to come to us, rather than us go to them, ?
Recently there was an article published in the Australian Newspaper that says it all way more clearly than I can say, you can find the link for that article on my Facebook page, but suffice to say how…