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My Story !!!

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about my story...what makes up my life, my experiences, my interactions and my relationships.

We all have a story, there isnt one person on this planet who does not have some kind of story or the other. And I guess that's what I wanted to blog about today...  it's how our stories impact each other, how our worlds collide, bless or even touch others. ( an hopefully not harm others)

Its not meant to be a preach this blog, but more of some insights I have gained as my story has unfolded, and especially this year 2017....

I believe that our story, our unique individual story that is " me" that is "you", are very important to us, after all, I am the only one that can live out my life and you yours, but from time to time, when we meet new people the stories of our lives are impacted.  Either for good, or not so good.

My life has been touched by so many people and in so many ways, over my life time, and some of those key people are super important to me.

Obviously my story was impacted hugely by the influence of my Mum and Dad and their values. I will ever be grateful for my parents and the way they taught me about life and how I could choose which way to live. My parents have been in heaven for a long time now, and I miss them enormously and would love to chat with them and tell them about how my story has been panning out.  

How their values have become mine.... how their love has been flowing in my I have chosen to live for Jesus .... well it has a lot to do with the way in which they shared their story into my life. But at some point I still needed to make that my own, choose my own values, and boundaries and who I was going to live for.     We all need to do that .

But it is one way that  our lives impact each other. But still, my story is my story not theirs and I choose it for Him. ( Jesus )

Recently Jules and I went on a visit to China on a holiday that we had saved for, for some time. When applying for our visa the Chinese consulate were not too keen on my proffession. They asked for letters from TSA to state that we would not evangelise  in China, that it was a holiday and not a work trip etc.  Well, we finally received a visa and off we went.  We were joined by 40 other Aussies who also came on a holiday in our tour group from all around Australia.  It was amazing.

In our tour group were some amazing people, who we made friends with, and as we travelled together for 10 days we started to hear each others stories.  Some  of which caused Jules and I to see that we had connections with some of these people through crazy coincidences.  And again our stories crossed or collided. Some of which was sad and some of which was amazing.  It sure made our holiday much more fun than  we had thought it would have been.  (Tanya, Fiona, Susan, Liz, Kelly, Olivia and Harry,....if you should read this, its about you, we had huge fun because of you, thankyou.)

and no we didnt evangelise at all.. we were too scared to.

Well I am sure you get my drift about the story of our lives. Sometimes people come into your lives for a period of time and you are not the same anymore.

My story has been shaped by so many, like when my daughters were born...into our story when we thought we were not able to have children. Two gorgeous girls were entrusted to us. We love them hugely. And our lives were never the same again. Recently I heard that they think every blog I write is about them.. NO it isnt girls, this little bit is, but the other blogs are not aimed at you, that was never my intention.  (but this bit is !!! so there)  Love you !!!!

So what am I dribbling on about ?

For me, I want my story to be a good story, with a great ending. 

Where my life story impacts others for good...and not bad. Where the choices I make, impact others in positive ways and edifying ways.  I know I have not always been like that and have stuffed up way more than I want to admit to. But deep inside my being I have this desire to be a blessing through my life story.

This world is shaping up to have some not so good stories around the place where we are all impacted by the choices/stories of others. Some with very bad outcomes.  Some who confuse us with their views. Some who seem distracted with stuff that causes conflict and division. And it seems a small minority that use their story to bless and encourage and uplift those around them.
I love hanging out with  people like that. 

I want to be like that, a person who blesses and doesnt curse, a person who brings lift into other peoples lives.

There is this old fashioned song that TSA used to sing, maybe still does in some places, and the words go like this:

"This is my story, this is my song, 
praising my Saviour all the day long,
this is my story this is my song, 
praising my Saviour all the day long "

Jesus has impacted me hugely and still draws me back to Him every single day.
Cant help it !

Whatever you do with your own unique and individual story ..

Can I encourage you to make your life story count for something greater than just yourself.  

To bring positive influence to those around you and to bring lift in another persons life.

It sure would be different to what some are dishin up these days hey ?


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