Another year nearly over...

I am not sure its been my best year, 2017, but I am not sure it has been my worst either.

Do you ever reflect on the year just gone and wish you had done some things and hadn’t done some things ?   Well, it’s like that for me.  There are many things I wish I hadn’t done, and there a number of things I wish I had.

You can’t go back and change it.... but we can make choices that change what a new year looks like.

I am hopeful for that, for myself. I haven’t blogged much in 2017, and I noticed the last entry was in August..a bit slack of me really.

For 2018 things will be hugely different for me ( and Jules), we have moved house, and will work from home in a new role for TSA in Australia. It’s exciting, but also a bit daunting as we try and discover what the role truly means.

Here are a few things, my top 10, I hope to achieve in 2018 for my life personally. No particular order, and dont read between the lines, coz there isnt anything to read there.

1.   Balance up work and personal life.
2.   Live a holier life.
3.   Play a bit more golf.
4.   Try and eat a little more healthier.
5.   Stop being distracted by various things around me, that mess with my head and heart.
6.   Read more.
7.   Worship together with Julie at the same church. As often as we can.
8.   Become a grand pa....  woohoo.  ( I will be called Pa)
9.   Encourage and Add Value to others around me, to greater heights in their ministry.
10. Lead a few people to Jesus. (First timers)

Will see how I go with my top 10....  what about you ? You have any dreams or hopes for 2018 ?

I pray that our lives will be healthy, happy and holy this year.

Bless you.


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