Living in the Past.

              Today in my quiet time, I was taken back by a verse of scripture which spoke directly into my mind, from an event that happened around 20 years ago.  It was a powerful verse and a powerful time in my life where supernatural activity occurred and changed me...hugely. The event now isnt that important to speak of, and I wont write about it, for its not a thing you write about in a blog, its a thing you treasure in your heart and sometimes speak about if the timing is right, however, this verse from Hebrews 1, just caused me to stop in my tracks and reflect on my life and where I am at these days. Also, where I want to be at.

I don’t know about you, but for me...I dont really want to be a Christian who lives in the past.

Our lives, are shaped by events in our lives, things happen to us, around us, through us..that affect who we are. Some of these events literally change the course of where we are headed. That is sometimes a good thing, and sometimes it isnt.

For instance, sin...can change the course of your life.  Not such a good idea.

But also a decision to follow Jesus ..can change the course of your life.  That is a good idea.

This event I allude to, was one of those events which blew me out of the water and changed me, but as I read this verse again today, it occurred to me that I dont want to live my life based on something that happened 20 years ago, but rather I want to live my life with it being shaped by daily occurrences of God activity in my life.  The new thing He is doing. Every single day.  I am unsure it is like that right now.  This must change... but can I change it ?  And my answer is yes, for me, and for you also.

Its all about what I am trusting Him and believing Him to do in my life each day. How I am praying, what I am learning/reading etc.  Am I walking closely enough with Him for Him todo the miraculous in my life each day ?   

Everyone of us, have had activity in our life which has changed the course of our life for one way or the other... whether its the birth of a child, a marriage, a rotten relationship, abuse, wealth, poverty, a career, a calling... a ministry or when we discovered who Jesus was, or when we turned our back to Him, all these and way more have changed us, one way or the other.

I personally have had many supernatural experiences and each and every one of them has blown me out of the water in my faith and belief and what I might trust God for.

But I want to live my life on and in the here and now, and look to God for the new thing He wants to do in me today.  I love it, that in my mind I have memories  of awesome and amazing God activity that tweaked my life direction.  But I also confess I also have many memories of activity that has done the exact opposite also.  Activity which has pushed me back on to the broad road where everyone else walks.  Not the narrow road where few journey, towards Jesus.

Today as I share my pondering with you, I say...I am looking for the new experience in God where angels tread and serve... where miracles are common place, where healing happens, where salvation rules, where sin is forgiven and burdens are taken away.


I want my life shaped in the here and now, by the here and now God, who is with us still. (Here and Now)

May it be so for me today, and may it be so for you today as well.

And by the way... I know that our past events that have changed us for the better are awesome and we should never forget them...however just hear my heart on this, let's allow God to do a new thing in us, something that He has never done before, -  I want my life constantly being shaped by Him, so that my future looks different to my past.

It's just my thoughts. 


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