A Balm in Gilead.

There is a balm in Gilead,
To make the wounded whole;
There is a balm in Gilead,
To heal the sin-sick soul.
Some times I feel discouraged,
And think my work’s in vain,
But then the Holy Spirit
Revives my hope again.
If you can’t preach like Peter,
If you can’t pray like Paul,
Just tell the love of Jesus,
And say He died for all.
Don't ever feel discouraged,
'Cause Jesus is your friend,
And if you lack for knowledge,
He'll never fail to lend.

This morning in my quiet time I was reading Joshua 13, and Gilead was mentioned, and straight away I was drawn back many years of my life..to when I was young and playing in the Perth Fortress Band...and the arrangement was put on the stand of this beautiful old hymn.  I am ever so grateful for my heritage and history at Perth Fortress, for the people there that shaped my life and introduced me to Jesus.

Sometimes I do feel discouraged, and sometimes I am aware of my sin sick soul... and sometimes I am aware that Jesus is my hope in the midst of despair.

I am not so much into brass bands these days, I am more likely to enjoy contemporary worship with drums and guitars and keyboards....but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate that for some Salvos, especially, brass bands help them in their worship immensely. That’s ok.  The key thing....  is to keep the main thing, the main thing...and the main thing is Jesus.

He is the answer. He is my hope still. He is my Saviour. He is my friend. Whilst I don’t always cut it, and get it right...He is my rock and the foundation of my life, no matter what is going on for me, I always go back to Him and start my day with Him.

it works for me.

If you have a few moments and wanted to listen to his beautiful old song, you can check it out here.



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