Worship: is it about Him, or about us. ???

A brief Blog entry today :

I am facing some interesting challenges these days, some of it is not my own doing, some of it is, I guess, and some of it, is because of my current position in ministry.

Nevertheless, the challenges come and go, for us all. Regardless of what choices we have personally made along the way, we will all have our challenges from time to time.

Presently I have a few challenges. Health. Ministry. Life.

On my FB page I have posted a song, its one of the latest Hillsong, songs, “ Who You Say I am
And its a great song that has been speaking into my heart and mind.

It occurred to me this morning as I prayed, that whilst worship isnt about me, and is about the Lord, in many of our churches worship has become more about us than Him.
But in line with that, for me, as I considered that again today, I recognized afresh that when we worship Him, we ourselves are helped and lifted.

One of the lines in that song, says this...” In my Fathers house, there’s a place for me, I am a child of God, yes I am “... or something like that.

When you worship God and sing songs like that, you are honouring Him, and also acknowledging our own position in the Kingdom, and in many ways thats about us as well as Him.  How could you not be lifted ? Knowing that ?

Worship helps us when we honour Him whilst doing it.

For me then, it comes down to, whether its true worship, or just going through the motions. Whatever the song or music is at the time, or even if there is no music.

Its a heart thing. Its a mindset thing.

It certainly isnt a ritual or meant to be a performance for each other.

If ever its a performance, its only ever a performance for the audience of  - “The One”.

So...this Sunday or whenever you go... when you worship, consider this truth...that actually its about Jesus.

Its not about how well the band played, or the choir or songsters sang, its not about whether the drummer was on time, its not about whether a wrong note was played, or whether some one is out of tune, its not about how smart they look in their uniforms on the platform, its not about what kind of guitar they have, or whether they smile while they sang....  no.... its about worshipping Jesus with heart, mind and soul, its about how He was lifted up, He was acknowledged and He was the focus.

When we worship Him, and only Him... we are helped in that at the same time.

And that is a very good thing.

In my Fathers house, there’s a place for me, I’m a child of God, yes I am... and whatever the challenges being faced today by you or me, we are children of the most High God, He loves us.
No matter what the world says we are, it matters most Who He says we are, and He says we are His kids.

And that’s a very good reason to worship Him, and only HIM.


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