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God chatter... Mission without the message ?

I have had some wonderful conversations with some amazing Godly people this week in the line of my work as an Area Officer, this part of my life is just awesome. Can I say, I love this part of my job,  iron sharpening iron really... thanks friends for those who have spoken deeply into my life this past few days... amazing.
It sure has been an interesting week in so many ways...  God has been speaking to me, and I have heard Him, I think.   
I read this post on FB today, and it is prompting me hugely... as I consider all going on in my life and around me and also in TSA these days.
It's a quote from a preacher way back in 1949,  a preacher in the Hebridean revival, a guy by the name of Duncan Campbell, no idea who he is... but something about his statement resonates within me deeply right now. He says...... 
"We have been out -maneuvered by the strategy of hell, because we have tried to meet the enemy on human levels by human strategy. We have succeeded in making people churc…